Procedure to Create a Social Event Flyer

Procedure to Create a Social Event Flyer

The flyer for a social event should be prepared and posted a month before the next Griffon Log

The flyer should include the:

1. A graphic

2. A RSVP date which should be 3-4 days before the event

3. Date, time for arrival, time for food, and time for entertainment

The date should be chosen (if possible) as not to conflict with sister club’s Commodore Ball, popular sister club functions and normal holidays

Is the entertainment going to be inside or outside (spring/summer music outside encourages non-participating members to enjoy the event from their boats, also the mosquito factor)

4. Menu – listing the complete menu items, alternate choices and an all-inclusive price (including tax and gratuity)

5. A Rain Date and exclamation should also be included if it is an outdoor event

6. Special Notes, if outside dress for the weather of the day, if inside the dress code you desire, etc

The flyer should be informative enough for new members and guests so you will know what to expect if you have never attended the function before.


To Summarize What an Event Flyer Should Contain:

Event Name:






Party Starts at:

Food is Served at:

Entertainment Starts at:

Special Notes:

What:     Tony and Tina’s  Wedding
Where:    La Salle Yacht Club
When:     Friday, Feb. 14th 2014 6:30PM
Who:      Open to Members, Mates and Guests
Cost:     $40.00 per person
Includes: Buffet Dinner and the interactive wedding

Procedure to Create a Social Event Flyer

Procedure to Convert a Word Document Flyer to .pdf & .jpg

Procedure to Upload Flyer to Facebook

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