Safe Boating Tip # 04 – SOS & iPhone App

Safe Boating Tip # 04 – SOS & iPhone App

Safe Boating Tip # 04  - Jeanette & Dan Woodward

Jeanette & Dan Woodward

True story

Dan & Jeanette Woodward were returning from Templeton Landing one late summer evening last year.

Struggling themselves to navigate to the Peace Bridge channel in the darkness, Jeanette saw what she thought was an SOS signal, approaching the signal they found a group of fellows in a 18 foot boat in distress without power.

The Woodward’s towed the boaters to safety.

Come to find out their life saving SOS signal came from an iPhone Flashlight App.

Safe Boating Tip # 11  - Float Plan iPhone

If you haven’t already done so, Google Flashlight Apps for smart phone, you will find many free flashlight apps; some include flashlight, strobe, SOS and compass, read the reviews and choose the one that meets your needs.

PS: Look for one that has minimal or no pop-up ads


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