New LYC Website

Check out the new LaSalle Yacht Club Website

The purpose of the website is to:

1. Communicate with the membership – Increase existing membership participation in LYC weekly (food & beverage) visits and LYC social events.

2. Document Club History & Educate the Membership – One stop shopping for all your club past, current and future informational needs.

3. Provide club information to prospective members – If you have a prospective member, point them to  Have them review Social Calendar, Griffon Logs, Photos & Membership information so they get a feel for the club and all the fun we have.

4. Provide weekly event/food specials information to sister clubs – Further promote LYC to reciprocal clubs so they may participate in weekly (food & beverage) visits and LYC social events.

5. Sponsors – Encourage more sponsors to advertise in the Griffon Log and LYC Website.  Click on the Sponsors tab then click on a sponsor card.  Do you know of a perspective sponsor who would like to get visibility on the LYC Website?

6. Promote Banquette Facilities – Further promote LYC in a proactive fashion to previous and new organizations to utilize LYC for their social, annual and banquette events.  If you have an event (birthday, graduation, retirement, anniversary, fund-raiser, etc), or if you know of someone you want to sponsor for an event, point them to  Have them review Dining & Special Events and Banquette Facilities tab so they get a feel for the club and see all the wonderful facilities we have.

Bottom line:

LaSalle Yacht Club is a business, members are the customers, banquette events are the customers that help fund the club.

We should be proactive rather than reactive, the sooner we book a banquette, the better chance we have of getting the business and more control we have of allocating event dates and filling available dates to our repeat customers.

The LYC Griffon Log , LYC Website and LYC Facebook page are very important tools to generate new members and solicit new banquette business.

John Graves

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