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The Red Flannel is one of the Annual boating events at the LaSalle Yacht Club.

We have a diverse and active boating community with a number of scheduled events throughout the season, as well as a number of informal groups who roam the “high seas” together.

On summer weekends, you are likely to see the LaSalle Yacht Club Burgee’s on boats at Point Abino, Sunset Beach, up and down the NY Barge Canal as well as the Niagara River.

Our annual Red Flannel Cruise is scheduled for the third weekend of September.

The event is organize by the Fleet Captain and will be held on the Tonawanda side of the Erie Canal.

This event is open to all members for a weekend of relaxation, fun and laughter with friends

It will be a blast with great food, musical entertainment and typical LYC camaraderie.  This is a great way to make new friends, party with some old friends or just have a fun laid-back weekend.

Keep in mind, you don’t need a boat to attend, in fact probably half the people who attend come by car.

You won’t want to miss this weekend.  Plenty of door prizes are also given away!

Red Flannel merchandise is available in the Chart Room. Order forms are on the bulletin board. Please take care in filling out the whole form; picking your size, color and if you want you name embroidered on your item.  Deadline is September 4th.

After breakfast Sunday morning take your time getting back to LYC.

Red Flannel Cruise 2007

Red Flannel Cruise 2009