2016-17 Social Calendar, Some dates are subject to change.


Social Director, Kari Ann Bullman    ds      dp

2017 Social Calendar – PDF

DateEvent Description, Rev. 02/02/15 ds    dp
11/4/2017Sat - Commodore's Ball/ Punch Party [MM] V/C John Caputo (716) 283-3080 to reserve (Look for your invitation in the mail)
11/13/2017Mon - Annual Election of Directors [M]
11/20/2017Mon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
11/22/2017Wed – - Thanksgiving Eve - Tipsy Turkey Party w/Entertainment
11/23/2017Thu - Thanksgiving - Club Closed
11/26/2017Sun - Tree Trimming – 12:00 PM [MMG] All Members Welcome
12/3/2017Sun - Kids’ Christmas Party [MMG] Christmas Party Committee
12/9/2017Sat - Christmas Dinner Dance [MMG] w/Entertainment Cmdr Rob Downs
12/18/2017Mon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
12/25/2017Sun - Christmas –Day Club Closed
12/30/2017Sat - Punch Party [MMG] w/Entertainment Cmdr Rob Downs
1/1/2018Sun - New Years Day– - Club Closed
1/6/2018Sun - De-Decorate & Fireside Party [MMG] All Members Welcome
1/13/2018Sat - Installation Dinner [MM] w/Entertainment Cmdr Rob Downs 716-417-4683
1/15/2018Mon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
2/4/2018Sun - Super Bowl Party [MMG], Complimentary Lite Buffet for the super bowl at halftime
2/19/2018Mon - Annual Member's Finance Meeting [M] arrive at club 7:15pm for 7:30pm meeting start
2/19/2018Mon - Board Meeting [M] follows the Annual Meeting all members invited
3/17/2018Sat - St. Patrick’s Day Party with Clan Na Cara Dancers (River Room 7pm)
3/19/2018Mon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
4/16/2017Mon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
5/13/2018Sun - Mother's Day Brunch [MMG] V/C Todd Wilson

5/20/2018Sun - 81th LYC Opening Day P/C Todd Wilson [MMG] Call (716) 283-3080 to reserve (Look for your invitation in the mail)
5/21/2018Mon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
5/28/2018Mon - Memorial Day, Chart Room, 12 until closed, Bar Menu [MMG]
6/10/2018Sun - Caribbean Clam Bake, With/Caribbean Extravaganza Steel Drum Band Limbo and Acrobatics performed by Princess Shemika & Eric, Your Host, S/D Kari Ann Bullman 716-465-8787
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6/17/2018Sun - Father's Day Brunch [MMG] V/C Todd Wilson Call (716) 283-3080 to reserve
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6/17/2018Sun - Blessing of the Fleet [MMG] F/C Ray Folmar, Rev. Calvin Babcock, Call (716) 283-3080 to reserve
6/18/2018Mon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
7/4/2018Wed - Fourth of July, Closed
7/7/2018Sat - Steak Roast w/ Band [MMG] Brett Hennessey Call (716) 283-3080 to reserve,

7/16/2018Mon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
8/20/2018Mon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
9/3/2018Mon - Labor Day, Chart Room open, 12 until closed, Bar Menu [MMG] 1
9/14/2018Fri/Sat - Red Flannel Cruise [MMG] F/C Ray Folmar

9/17/2018Mon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
10/15/2018Mon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
Monthly Meetings
2nd Monday each month Finance Committee Meeting 7:30pm
Wednesday before the board meeting House Committee Meeting 7:30pm
3rd Monday of each month Board Meeting 7:30pm all members invited
First Mates Meeting - as required 7:00pm all first mates invited - Pam Phillips is Chairperson for 2014, (716) 628-0814
[M]=Members Only