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(1) The following House and Ground Rules are authorized by the Board of Directors and are issued for the guidance and instruction of Members. All Officers, Directors, and Members of standing committees are charged with the enforcement thereof and in the discharge of such duties are to be respected accordingly (see ARTICLE VII, SECTION 3).

(2) The cooperation of Members in complying with these rules will contribute to the enjoyment of the Club facilities by all concerned.

(3) The Club House and Grounds are for the exclusive use of Members and their guests. Persons not known to be Members or guests will be treated as prospective Members and directed to an officer or board member to determine the nature of their visit.

(4) Guest Courtesy Regulations:

(a) With the exception of a member’s designated significant other and with approval of the Board, guests shall be limited to one visit per month for use of the Club House. Use of the grounds to go to and from boats shall not be considered one of these visits.

(b) There is no limit on the number of times relatives of Members who live with the Member may use the Club House, if accompanied by the Member or one of his/her immediate family. Except for Associate Members, this also applies to a member’s significant other (first mate).

(5) A guest card may be issued to an out-of-town guest of a Member by any Officer and shall entitle such guest to the privileges of the Club for a period not exceeding one week. The same guest shall not be issued more than one such card in any six month period. Guest card privileges may be revoked at any time by an Officer of the Club.

(6) Members shall be responsible to participate in accordance with the Club standards of conduct regarding the courteous and respectful treatment of our Members, their guests and prospective Members. No loud, boisterous or improper conduct or language by Members or guests will be tolerated at any time in or upon any part of the club premises. Every guest and prospective member will be greeted with a friendly, warm reception and directed to an Officer or Board member where necessary for compliance with guest registration requirements. Members shall be responsible for the actions of their guests and for all liability incurred by them to the club.

(7) All guests’ names and their sponsor’s must be entered in the register upon arrival. This does not include members of the immediate family of a Member. Maintenance of this register is required by law and improper entries will not be tolerated.

(8) Closing hours shall be as posted by the House Committee. Adherence to these is strictly required. Quiet departure from the premises after closing will promote good relations with our neighbors. Premises to be cleared 45 minutes after bar closes.

(9) Children are not permitted in the Club House or on the dock except as follows:

(a) When in company of their parents or some other Member responsible for them.

(b) To use the washrooms.

(10) Members and their guests, both male and female, must be properly dressed (minimum of shorts, shirts or sweaters) in the Club House. Footwear or shoes are required and bathing suits are not permitted. Gentlemen are expected to remove hats and headwear.

(11) Members and guests (with the exception of Officers, Directors and Members of the House Committee) are not allowed in the kitchen or storage rooms.

(12) No one, except an Officer or Member of the House Committee shall give orders or directions to any employee of the Club.

(13) All bills for food, beer, wine and liquor will be rendered at the time of service and are to be paid by the Member before leaving the Club premises.

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(14) Alcoholic beverages will be served in strict conformity with the rules of the New York State Liquor Authority.

(15) Unauthorized gambling is not permitted in the Club House.

(16) Dogs, with the exception of working dogs, are not permitted in the clubhouse and are only permitted on the grounds while leached and attended to by an adult. Owners are responsible to clean up after their pets.

(17) The facilities of the Club are available to Members for the entertainment of groups. Such parties are arranged strictly in accordance with rules approved by the Board of Directors and are available from the House Manager.

(18) Cars are to be parked to the best convenience of all Members. No Member is to use the facilities for the purpose of storing any vehicle.

(19) The usual courtesies will be extended to Members of other Yachting Clubs.

(20) All suggestions, criticisms and complaints are to be kept out of the clubhouse and in order to receive prompt and adequate consideration, should be made in writing, signed and mailed or delivered to a Club Officer. Constructive suggestions will be welcomed. Members are not to discuss criticisms and complaints with employees.

(21) No Members or guests, other than legitimate police officers, are to carry firearms on the Club premises.
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(1) Boating season is considered to start May 1st.

(2) All boats must be vacated from the Marina by October 31 st.

(3) Swimming is prohibited and fishing is not allowed on the Main Dock.

(4) Refuse is not to be thrown overboard, but may be disposed of in the dumpster behind the sail loft.

(5) Transporting gasoline or other fuel in portable containers into the Marina is prohibited. This practice is considered a fire hazard. Persons with outboard motors which are fueled with external tanks will be given special consideration, providing approved tanks are used.

(6) A Member’s account must be in good standing before their boat is launched, hauled or their slip is occupied. A Member’s account must be in good standing from February 1 st on to have a slip request considered.

(7) The Fleet Captain and Commodore assign dockage at LYC based on accrued points. The point system will be accounted for by the Officer in charge of the work party. When assigning slips, every consideration shall be given to the safe berthing of the boat. To accomplish this purpose, it may be necessary to reassign one or more boats at the discretion of the Fleet Captain or Commodore. In the event of controversy, the Board of Directors shall make the final decision in the best interest of LYC.

(8) Slip assignments are not automatic. Assignments of specific berths are not guaranteed, but will be followed if possible. Requests must be completed, signed and filed before February 1st each year. MEMBERS ARE REQUIRED TO FILE A COPY OF THEIR FEDERAL DOCUMENTATION OR STATE REGISTRATION AT THE TIME OF THEIR SLIP REQUEST AND WITH ALL BOAT CHANGES THEREAFTER.

(9) Current slip assignments shall be posted on the bulletin board by the Fleet Captain by February 28th. A waiting list will be posted on the bulletin board by the Fleet Captain as of May 1st and will hold through October 31st on the basis of points accrued as of that posted date.

(10) Only one slip may be assigned to a Member. Temporary assignments may be made at the discretion of the Fleet Captain if vacancies exist to accommodate a special situation.

(11) Only one owner per boat shall be recognized, both as to fee and point system.

(12) The prior year’s permanent slip holders cannot be displaced from dockage at LYC regardless of points accrued. When all slips have been assigned for the season, any subsequent slip request will be satisfied through the point system and available dockage.

(13) A qualified slip holder who acquires a new boat may retain the slip, providing the new craft will fit properly and has the Fleet Captain’s approval. A Member who sells their boat and buys a new boat which will not fit his slip will be placed on the waiting list and allotted points as outlined. A Member must have been a Member for a minimum of 12 months before they can qualify for a slip assignment. Temporary assignments may be made if vacancies occur. Temporary assignments may be cancelled if necessary to accommodate qualified members with permanent slip holder status.

(14) A Member selling his boat cannot pass on slip rights or sublease. The new owner/Member may have a slip assigned according to the rules and point system.

(15) A Member who vacates a slip during vacation or for any other reason shall notify the Fleet Captain. The slip will be used in the best interest of LYC.

(16) If a Member vacates their slip during the boating season (deemed to be 6/1 to 9/30 for the purposes of this rule), the unearned portion of the slip charge will be credited to his account when, and if, the slip is rented.

(17) Members of reciprocal Yacht Clubs and Members of LYC are encouraged to use the marina Page 24 of 30 April, 2012

facilities. The first overnight stay of the season for Social and Reciprocal Members is complimentary and each subsequent stay will be charged for at a rate of $1 a foot with a $30 maximum. Senior Members of LYC will enjoy the benefit of the first 5 nights of each stay as complimentary, with the approval of the Fleet Captain, Harbor Master or available Officer/Director. The Fleet Captain, Harbor Master or available Officer/Director will make the visitors slip assignment based on availability on a first come, first serve basis, advance requests welcome. Day visitors will not be charged and should be directed to either guest dock to allow accommodations for overnight visitors. Overnight visitors must complete a registration card at the time of their arrival.

(18) Members of LYC are permitted to sponsor a guest arriving by boat who is not a reciprocal Member in the spirit of promoting LYC and generating an interest in club membership. These guests are not permitted to reserve space in advance during any club event weekend. The sponsoring Member must accompany the guest during their entire stay. The guest must complete a registration card at the time of their arrival and is limited to one visit per calendar month. Only an Officer may approve a request to extend this privilege beyond one visit per month and such approval must be made in advance. The first overnight stay of the season is complimentary and each subsequent stay will be charged for at a rate of $1 a foot with a $30 maximum. The sponsoring Member shall be responsible for the actions of their guests and for all liability incurred by them to the club.

(19) The Guest dock and haul out slip are not be used for permanent docking.

(20) Only in the event of an extended power interruption may a boat docked at LYC use an auxiliary generator at berth and under no circumstances shall a vessel be left with a generator running or in an automatic or standby mode while unattended.

(21) Small recreational water accessories such as inflatables, dinghies, and personal water craft (jet skis) may be temporarily kept in the boat owner’s slip, provided, (1) there is adequate room and it does not protrude beyond the boundaries of the slip, (2) it does not disturb neighboring slip holders and (3) at the discretion of the Fleet Captain.


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NOTE: Members must actually own a boat to receive point credit and have a request recorded by the Fleet Captain.

(1) One point for each six months of consecutive Club Membership or major part thereof (major part shall be ninety-one or more days). Club membership shall be: Junior, Intermediate, Senior, or Retired. Any member who resigns their membership or is posted for “Rights and Privileges” is considered to have lost all past points. Upon reinstatement from either situation, Club membership points will start from “0” as of reinstatement date.

(2) Two points for each season of slip occupancy (excluding temporary assignments).

(3) The following points may be allotted at the discretion of the LaSalle Yacht Club Board of Directors:
0-5 points for work party participation. The Officer in charge of the Work Party can award each Member points for participation in Officers Organized Work Party. These points will be applied towards the following year’s slip assignments in the event of a controversy between two members for a slip. Officer Organized Work Party points will not be cumulative. They will be cleared each year as of February 28th. All members will start the new season at “0” Work Party points.

(4) In the event of a tie by the above point system, occupancy shall be determined by the actual date of Club membership.

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(1) Any and all modifications such as signs, handrails, fenders (other than rub rails), etc., are to be approved by the Fleet Captain prior to installation. Only Board approved dock boxes are eligible for consideration.

(2) The slip holder is responsible for painting their catwalk sides and pilings. The Club will provide materials. Work is to be completed before opening day. FAILURE TO MAINTAIN YOUR DOCK AREA WILL RESULT IN A $50.00 CHARGE FOR PAINTING FROM LYC.

(3) Rub boards are the responsibility of the slip holder and must be secured above bottom catwalk level BY NOVEMBER 15TH to prevent ice damage during winter months. All other dock accessories such as lines, extension cords, fenders, hoses must be removed during winter months. FAILURE TO SECURE RUB BOARDS BY NOVEMBER 15TH WILL RESULT IN REMOVAL BY LYC BY WHICHEVER METHODS NECESSARY. A FEE OF $50.00 WILL BE CHARGED TO THE SLIP HOLDER.

(4) If you use Club storage facilities for your boat, you are responsible to maintain your assigned storage location. This includes removal of debris and cutting of weeds during summer months. The Club has sickles, rakes, etc. for your use. If you neglect this responsibility, the Club will have the area cleaned and you will be billed $25.00 for this service. Your boat will not be launched until all trash, covering and stands have been removed AND all blocking is returned to the area designated by the Fleet Captain. Blocking must NOT be stored around the perimeter of the yard. You must cooperate with the Fleet Captain and/or the travel lift operator and comply with this rule since they will assume the responsibility if you fail to perform this duty.

(5) If a boat remains in the storage yard for two seasons, the Board considers the boat to be derelict. Subsequent storage fees will double for each successive storage period. If the owner elects, the Club will have the boat removed at the owner’s expense.
Storage of boats and trailers in the parking lot is restricted and only permitted when the Travelift cannot safely place the boat in the boat storage yard. All trailers are to be stored in the boat storage area.

(6) If a Member fails to pay storage charges after the Board has deemed the boat derelict, the Member hereby empowers any attorney to appeal for the Member in an appropriate action to be brought by LYC in any competent court, and therein confess judgment against the Member. The Member agrees to pay amounts due LYC for storage and all attorney’s fees emanating from this action. The Member authorizes LYC to sell the boat at private or public auction, after 10 days written notice to the Member. After deduction of unpaid storage fees, expenses from the sale, expenses for removing the boat from LYC and attorney’s fees, LYC will remit any balance remaining to the Member.

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(1) The Travelift is a valuable resource of LYC and may only be operated by designees of the Board of Directors of LYC.

(2) Other than emergencies, the Travelift and haul-out slip cannot be used for maintenance (i.e. oil changes, etc.).

(3) The Travelift is operated by fellow members who are volunteering their time. In consideration of this and of other Members of LYC, spring launch and fall haul-out should be accomplished in one hour. This requires the boat owner to pre-schedule, be ready and have AT LEAST TWO PEOPLE available for help. Consideration and scheduling will be given to wood boat owners who require additional time for soaking at launch.

(4) Pump-out of holding tanks should be done prior to scheduled haul-out Day.

(5) Scrub brushes, detergent, etc. for bottom cleaning are the responsibility of the boat owner.

(6) All vessels hauled by the Travelift must have permanent indication of sling position to facilitate safe lifting of the vessel.

(7) The boat owner is responsible for proper placement on the cradle or proper blocking.

(8) The boat owner is responsible to have all blocking ready at the storage location and to have the cradle in a safe condition prior to haul-out.

(9) Use of the Travelift is available to Members of LYC for a charge of $ 1 /ft per lift and to non-members for a charge of $ 100 per lift.

(10) All boats must be vacated from the Marina by October 31st.

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A dumpster is available for disposing of trash.

Dress, except on special occasions should be clean boating attire with a minimum of shorts and blouse or shirt, and shoes – no bathing suits.

The red painted curb on the SW corner of the Clubhouse is a loading and unloading area for Members and guests with 1/2 hour time limit during boating season.

We have a Ship’s Store with many clothing items for sale.

The boating season starts in May with Opening Day ceremonies. During the boating season several races are held, supervised by the Race Chairman and his Committee. Awards for these races are presented at the Annual Awards Dinner.

Our docks are private, no one should be allowed on the docks unless they are visitors or guests of Members. Please contact any Officer if you have reason to believe any person or boat does not belong on Club property.

The Red Flannel Cruise to Middleport is the last official cruise for the season. This is usually held in September.

The Social Chairperson for each year is appointed by the Vice Commodore. The Social Chairperson for each month is chosen by the yearly Social Chairperson. Each social event has a Committee consisting of Club Members.

The house newspaper “The Griffon Log” is published monthly and mailed to each Member.
Board of Directors meetings are held on the third Monday of every month. Guests are not permitted at these meetings, but any Member may attend.

All guests must sign the guest register in the front hall of the Club. The Club, being private, must insist on this to satisfy legal interests related to our liquor license.

Membership cards are mailed to Members in good standing yearly. These cards are to be presented when visiting any other yacht club. The LaSalle Yacht Club has reciprocal privileges in the Great Lakes, Canada and most clubs throughout the world, as you will see from the number of burgees on display in our lounge.

Dining room and bar hours are shown in your monthly Griffon Log. Members may charge any of their purchases.

Dinners, large parties and private parties should be reserved in advance. The Restaurant Staff will assist any Member wishing to set up a private party.

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