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November-December 2015 Issue

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1/1/2013a1*** Dance Locations ***
1/3/2013a1ADCAmherst Dance Club - Joe Valenti - 716-406-2392 - $60 annual + $47 meal
10/4/2014a1ADCBCC Richard Riederer Band; 7-11:30
12/13/2014a1ADCTCC Richard Sowinski Band; 7-11:30
2/7/2015a1ADCBCC Sam Guarino Band; 7-11:30
4/4/2015a1ADCBCC Richard Sowinski Band; 7-11:30
6/13/2015a1ADCBLY Formula Band; 7-11:30
1/4/2013a1K60Klub60 - Sharon Hughes - - (716) 210-3088 - Cornell Cooperative Extension - 4487 Lake Ave. Lockport NY 14094-1139, $400 annual, 2nd Sat except 12/13
10/10/2015a1K60?Formula Band; 6:00; 6:30; 8:00
11/14/2015a1K60?Total Eclipse 6:00; 6:30; 8:00
12/31/2015a1K60?Thu - New Years Swift Kick; 7:00; 7:30; 8:00
2/13/2016a1K60?Sam Guarino 6:00; 6:30; 8:00
3/12/2016a1K60?Penelope; 6:00; 6:30; 8:00
4/9/2016a1K60?Joyryde; 6:00; 6:30; 8:00
1/5/2013a1WFWhite Falcons - Tom Gallagher - 716-632-1999 - - Stephen Sikora Post No 1322 950 Payne Ave. North Tonawanda NY 14120-3214, $40 annual + $12 meal & $14 guest
1/15/2015a1WFLarry Helinski Entertainer
2/19/2015a1WFSam Guarino Band
3/19/2015a1WFLarry Helinski Entertainer
4/16/2015a1WFSam Guarino Band
5/21/2015a1WFJohnny Dee Entertainer
6/18/2015a1WFLarry Helinski Entertainer
7/16/2015a1WFJohnny Dee Entertainer
8/20/2015a1WFSam Guarino Band
9/17/2015a1WFLarry Helinski Entertainer
10/15/2015a1WFSam Guarino Band
11/19/2015a1WFJohnny Dee Entertainer
12/17/2015a1WFSam Guarino Band - Gala Christmas Party
1/4/2013a1SergeDance Like a Star with Sergey Komar - 716-335-8652 - - 222 Portage Rd Lewiston NY 14092
1/5/2013a1JGJackie George - (716) 691-8654 - - Brounshidle American Legion Post 205 3354 Delaware Ave Kenmore NY 14217
1/6/2013a1JVJoevene Viola - (716) 297-1184 - - Brounshidle American Legion Post 205 3354 Delaware Ave Kenmore NY 14217
1/8/2013a1USAUSA Dance - Patricia Hoffman - 716-689-3787 - - Amherst Community Church - 77 Washington Hwy Snyder, NY 14226
1/11/2013a1*** Dance Events ***
9/13/2013i1USAEast Coast Swing with Fred Astaire Studio of Williamsville
10/4/2013i1USAChaCha with Karen Murphy of Spotlight Dance Studio
11/1/2013i1USAQuickstep with Maurice Edgerton and Clementine Chang
11/16/2013i1JGBrounshidle Post 7pm Joe Donahue
12/6/2013i1USA?Night Club 2 Step with Tara Scime of Ballroom and Beyond
12/7/2013i1JGBrounshidle Post 7pm Tony Krew
1/3/2014i1USASalsa/Bachata with Calvin and Fanny of Baila Salsa Dance Co.
1/18/2014i1JGBrounshidle Post 7pm
2/6/2014a1OtherBuffalo Auto Show Feb 6-9
2/7/2014a1USAWaltz with Scott Ruddick
2/15/2014a1JGBrounshidle Post 7pm
2/14/2014i1LYCFri - Tony and Tina’s Wedding 6:30PM $40ea P/C Steve Tisack at 716-998-7938 [MMG]
2/17/2014i1LYCMon - Annual Member's Finance Meeting [M] arrive at club 7:15pm for 7:30pm meeting start
2/17/2014i1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] follows the Annual Meeting all members invited
2/20/2014a1OtherWNY Home & Garden Show- Hamburg February 20th - 23rd, 2014
2/25/2015a1OtherBuffalo Boat Show, Buffalo Bills Field House Wed 2/25 - Sun 3/1
3/7/2014a1OtherBuffalo Home & Garden Show - March 7-9 & 14-16, 2014
3/7/2014a1USACarolina Shag with Howard and Carol Allen of Let's Dance: Pathways to Wellness
3/14/2014a1OtherBuffalo Home & Garden Show - March 7-9 & 14-16, 2014
3/15/2014a1JGBrounshidle Post 7pm
3/20/2014a1OtherPlantasia Garden & Landscape Show March Thu 20 - 23, 2014
3/22/2014a1JVJoevene Viola, Tony Krew - (716) 297-1184 - - Brounshidle American Legion Post 205 3354 Delaware Ave Kenmore NY 14217
4/4/2014a1USARumba with Iliana Ballroom Dance Center
4/5/2014a1JGBrounshidle Post 7pm
4/26/2014a1JVJoevene Viola, DJ - (716) 297-1184 - - Brounshidle American Legion Post 205 3354 Delaware Ave Kenmore NY 14217
5/2/2014a1USABolero with Jackie George
5/10/2014a1JVJoevene Viola, DJ - (716) 297-1184 - - Brounshidle American Legion Post 205 3354 Delaware Ave Kenmore NY 14217
5/17/2014a1JGBrounshidle Post 7pm
6/7/2014a1JGBrounshidle Post 7pm
6/14/2014a1JVJoevene Viola, DJ - (716) 297-1184 - - Brounshidle American Legion Post 205 3354 Delaware Ave Kenmore NY 14217
6/14/2014a1OtherSwing 1270's Big Band Dance Party, 6-7-10, Lucarelli's Banquet Center, 1830
6/21/2014a1OtherLewiston Garden Fest, 10am-5pm Sat & Sun
6/21/2014a1OtherNational Garden Festival June 21 - August 4
7/4/2014a1OtherPorter on the Lake Labor Day Festival, 12pm – 8pm
7/11/2014a1OtherJack Beatty Memorial Hospice Regatta, 2pm-11pm
7/11/2014a1OtherSummer of 69, Lewiston Gazebo, 6pm-10pm - July 10, 11 and 12
11/15/2014a1JGBrounshidle Post 7pm
7/17/2014a1OtherBuffalo Italian Festival - Hertel Ave - July 17-20
7/18/2014a1OtherBlender Party, Grilled Chicken, 25 couple,, 6pm, NY2LA Band
7/20/2014a1OtherWaldfest, Frankfurters, 12-9
7/26/2014a1OtherSat - Grass-A-Palooza, Grass Island
7/26/2014a1OtherGarden Walk Buffalo, 10am-4pm
8/3/2014a1OtherIHYC Band & BBQ & Dock Party, 5:00 clams, 6:30 dinner, 7:30-10:30 Carl Filbert Band
8/6/2014a1OtherErie County Fair, 10am-10pm - Aug 6-17
8/9/2014a1OtherLewiston Art Festival, 10am-5pm
8/17/2014a1OtherSat - Thunder on the Niagara, 1200 River Road, North Tonawanda, NY 14120
8/22/2014a1OtherLewiston Jazz Festival, 1pm-10pm, Fri & Sat
9/20/2014a1JGBrounshidle Post 7pm
10/18/2014a1JGBrounshidle Post 7pm
12/6/2014a1JGBrounshidle Post 7pm
11/15/2014i1LYCSat - It's in the Bag! Designer Purse Chinese Raffle Auction & Luncheon 11:30-2:30 [MG]
4/01/2016i1LYCFri – Chris Borgotti (8-11pm)
4/29/2016i1LYCFri – Jamie Holka & Bruce Wojick (8-11pm) we all know and LOVE, Jamie and
5/3/2015i1LYCSun - Cinco De Mayo Celebration [MMG] Call Pat Rufrano 716-283-6009 or to reserve
Click here for Event Program

8/12/2016i1LYCFri - Adam's Acoustic Project 8-11 Entertainment on the Patio

8/26/2016i1LYCFri - Live & Kickin 8-11 Entertainment on the Patio
9/??/2016i1LYCSun – 8:00am -11:00am, LYC Breakfast, Chart Room or Outdoor “Deck” seating, Reservations PLEASE!
Click here for Menu Details
10/??/16i1LYCFri - Chart Room, 8-11pm, Cue the Sun!

You will experience two guys that sound like four guys. Gerald is a self-contained rhythm section, playing bass guitar up top and dropping the back beat on foot percussion, all while singing. Tim is a guitar wizard, using live looping effects to carefully layer rhythmic chords, which he sprinkles (and sometimes shreds) tasty solos over if he's not busy leading vocals.

Cue the Sun plays an extensive variety of popular music spanning from Classic Rock (think The Beatles, Neil Young, even AC/DC), to 80's (think Michael Jackson, Toto) to 90's (think Gin Blossoms, Third Eye Blind...even Boys II Men), to Canadian (think the Hip, Barenaked Ladies). We didn't forget about today's hits (think Mumford & Sons, Maroon 5 and the Lumineers).
12/31/2016i1LYCSat - New Years Eve Dinner Party [MMG] V/C Marty Houck 716-675-4758
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3/11/2017i1LYCSat - St. Patrick’s Day Celebration w/band [MMG] Kari Bullman 716-465-8787
Click here for St Patrick's Party Menu Details
4/21/17i1LYCFri - Ryan Melquist, 20 year experience, with two feet solidly in Reggae. Seamlessly
juggling elements of Roots, Dub, Rock, and a taste of Pop. Always sharpening an ever evolving
musical arrangement of Vocal Melodies and improve jams that can go any direction during any
song on any given night. (8-11pm Chart Room)
6/2/2017i1LYCFriday Night Music: June 2nd: Scott Celani
6/23/2017i1LYCFriday Night Music: June 23rd: Adams Acoustic Project
07/10/2016i1LYCSun - The Yasgur Project, 4-7 on the Patio [MMG] Kari Bullman 716-465-8787
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10/?/2017i1LYCSat - 4-?? pm, Scotch & Cigars Party [MMG], Hosted by Melissa Richardson, Contact to reserve by October 1 (716) 597-4558,
Click here for Event Flyer
10/??/2017i1LYCSat - LYC First Mates Fall Fund Raiser [MMG] 716-283-3080
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11/4/2017a1LYCSat - Commodore's Ball/ Punch Party [MM] V/C John Caputo (716) 283-3080 to reserve (Look for your invitation in the mail)
11/13/2017a1LYCMon - Annual Election of Directors [M]
11/20/2017a1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
11/22/2017a1LYCWed – - Thanksgiving Eve - Tipsy Turkey Party w/Entertainment
11/23/2017a1LYCThu - Thanksgiving - Club Closed
11/26/2017a1LYCSun - Tree Trimming – 12:00 PM [MMG] All Members Welcome
12/3/2017a1LYCSun - Kids’ Christmas Party [MMG] Christmas Party Committee
12/9/2017a1LYCSat - Christmas Dinner Dance [MMG] w/Entertainment Cmdr Rob Downs
12/18/2017a1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
12/25/2017a1LYCSun - Christmas –Day Club Closed
12/30/2017a1LYCSat - Punch Party [MMG] w/Entertainment Cmdr Rob Downs
1/1/2018a1LYCSun - New Years Day– - Club Closed
1/6/2018a1LYCSun - De-Decorate & Fireside Party [MMG] All Members Welcome
1/13/2018a1LYCSat - Installation Dinner [MM] w/Entertainment Cmdr Rob Downs 716-417-4683
1/15/2018a1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
2/4/2018a1LYCSun - Super Bowl Party [MMG], Complimentary Lite Buffet for the super bowl at halftime
2/19/2018a1LYCMon - Annual Member's Finance Meeting [M] arrive at club 7:15pm for 7:30pm meeting start
2/19/2018a1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] follows the Annual Meeting all members invited
3/?/2018i1LYCSat - Fourth Annual Pasta Sauce Off 3-7 pm Kim Nemeth at 716-481-3746 or [MMG]
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3/17/2018a1LYCSat - St. Patrick’s Day Party with Clan Na Cara Dancers (River Room 7pm)
3/19/2018a1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
?/?/?i1LYCFri – Jamie Holka & Bruce Wojick, these guys need no introduction. We all know and
LOVE, Jamie and Bruce. (8-11pm Chart Room)
4/7/17i1LYCFri - Tom Bender, he’s a unique one-man vocalist, musician and entertainer. Tom will
intrigue you with his ability to perform many genres of music. An experience you won’t soon
forget. (8-11pm Chart Room)
4/??/2018i1LYCSun - LYC FIRST MATES FUNDRAISER MEAT RAFFLE, 3:00-6:00 pm, Beer, Pop, Snacks Included with $10 Donation, BRING YOUR DOLLAR BILLS,
Click here for Event Details

4/1/2018i1LYCSun - Easter Sunday Brunch [MMG] V/C Todd Wilson
Click here for Easter Brunch Menu Details

4/16/2017a1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
4/28/2018i1LYCSat - Boom Days - LaSalle Pride [MMG] Call John Graves 716-754-8797 or click to reserve table

Click here for Boom Days Details

5/13/2018a1LYCSun - Mother's Day Brunch [MMG] V/C Todd Wilson

5/??/2018i1LYCFri - New Member Night, Musical Guests: Grizanti & McManus, “The Best of The Beatles” Your Host, R/C Todd Wilson
5/20/2018a1LYCSun - 81th LYC Opening Day P/C Todd Wilson [MMG] Call (716) 283-3080 to reserve (Look for your invitation in the mail)
5/21/2018a1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
5/28/2018a1LYCMon - Memorial Day, Chart Room, 12 until closed, Bar Menu [MMG]
6/10/2018a1LYCSun - Caribbean Clam Bake, With/Caribbean Extravaganza Steel Drum Band Limbo and Acrobatics performed by Princess Shemika & Eric, Your Host, S/D Kari Ann Bullman 716-465-8787
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6/17/2018a1LYCSun - Father's Day Brunch [MMG] V/C Todd Wilson Call (716) 283-3080 to reserve
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6/17/2018a1LYCSun - Blessing of the Fleet [MMG] F/C Ray Folmar, Rev. Calvin Babcock, Call (716) 283-3080 to reserve
6/18/2018a1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
7/4/2018a1LYCWed - Fourth of July, Closed
7/7/2018a1LYCSat - Steak Roast w/ Band [MMG] Brett Hennessey Call (716) 283-3080 to reserve,

7/1?/2018i1LYCSat - 10th Annual Golf Tournament [MMG] Hyde Park Golf Course @10:00 Judy Walck

LaSalle Yacht Club 5th annual Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday July 18th at 10:00 am at Hyde Park Golf Course. It is a 4 man scramble. There will be a sign up sheet in the Chart Room. $80 includes 18 holes golf, cart, lunch on the turn, shirt, dinner and prizes. Money and shirt sizes due by July 1st

7/16/2018a1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
8/??/2018i1LYCSat - Lobster Broil 3pm [MMG]
Sat - Pirates Raffle 6pm [MMG]
Click here for Event Details

Host: Rear Commodore, Todd Wilson

This is a first mates fundraiser. The funds raised are used to add specialties items to the club to make to the members experience more enjoyable

We are asking each first mate to arrange a for Pirates Raffle gift to be delivered to the Chart Room/Judy before for Fri Aug 11th

The gift should be something you wouldn't mind receiving yourself

The gift could be a donation from your butcher, baker or candlestick maker; or salon, liquor store, jeweler, mechanic, restaurant, handmade or a re-gift
from yourself

The gift should be gift wrapped in a way that that would not give away it’s contents

You don't have to be in attendance to donate a gift

8/20/2018a1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
9/3/2018a1LYCMon - Labor Day, Chart Room open, 12 until closed, Bar Menu [MMG] 1
9/14/2018a1LYCFri/Sat - Red Flannel Cruise [MMG] F/C Ray Folmar

9/17/2018a1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
10/15/2018a1LYCMon - Board Meeting [M] 7:30
DateSDanceEvent, revised 01/23/14emailWebsite
a1LYCMonthly Meetings
a1LYC2nd Monday each month Finance Committee Meeting 7:30pm
a1LYCWednesday before the board meeting House Committee Meeting 7:30pm
a1LYC3rd Monday of each month Board Meeting 7:30pm all members invited
a1LYCFirst Mates Meeting - as required 7:00pm all first mates invited - Pam Phillips is Chairperson for 2014, (716) 628-0814
4/10/2015i1LYCFri - 8-11pm Chart Room, Live n Kickin: This trio keeps you up on your feet with the classic sounds of 50’s, 60’s & 70’s all the way to today’s hits & chart toppers.These Guys can do it all!
3/27/2015i1LYCFri - 8-11pm, Chart Room, Tom Bender, Vocalist/Musician/Entertainer,

Tom Bender is a vocalist, musician, and entertainer who has been entertaining for over 35 years.

Tom currently is lead vocalist at Nik Entertainment and fronts several of their internationally known showbands.

He is also formerly the front man for the Western New York classic rock band Hot Daddy Rocks.

Another one of Tom's latest musical ventures is Tom Bender Flying Solo Show which features his extraordinary vocal talents.

One of the most intriguing things about Tom's shows is his ability to cover many genres of music.

This has only been enhanced by his recent involvement with Nik Entertainment.

At Nik shows Tom performs everything from Sinatra to the Black Eyed Peas.

Couple that with his extensive rock and progressive rock experience and you can imagine the diversity.
a1LYC[M]=Members Only

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Dancing16How to Dance the West Coast Swing (9) Leslie Sack
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Dancing30Castellani Art Museum - A cultural resource for Niagara University and its surrounding community.
Dancing31Dance Lessons & Activities, Ballroom Dancing Lessons, Dance Competitions from AccessDance
Dancing32Dance Notions : Business solutions in motion - Home — Dance Notions
Dancing33Learn to Dance Hustle Volume 1 - YouTube
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History1American Experience | Race to the Moon | Timeline | PBS
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Politics8Liberty Tree Hunger
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Politics132016: Obama's America | Official Movie Site
Politics14PolitiFact | Sorting out the truth in politics
Politics15Politics, Political News - Election 2012 - POLITICO.com Money in Politics -- See Who's Giving & Who's Getting - Candidates on the Issues
Politics182016: Obama's America | In Theaters Now
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Politics20FreedomWorks | Lower Taxes, Less Government, More Freedom
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Politics25Contact Elected Officials | USA.gov
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Politics27CEO Threatens to Fire Employees If Obama Is Reelected and Raises Taxes | NewsBusters.org
Politics28Bill O'Reilly Official Home On The Web
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Politics30WKBW News 7: News, Sports, Weather | Buffalo, NY | 2012 Election Results
Politics312012 Election Results Map by State - Live Voting Updates - POLITICO.com
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Politics47Political Terms
Politics48Rush Limbaugh: Obama Money
Politics49In Detroit Stand In Line And Fight For Taxpayer\'s Money!
Politics50Rush Limbaugh Show - Citizens in line for \'Obama Money\' in Detroit
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Entertainment23Niagara County Fair - Cornell
Entertainment24Niagara Falls Blues Festival
Entertainment25Niagara River Rocks
Entertainment26Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce
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Entertainment31Rapids Theatre
Entertainment32Salvatore\'s Italian Gardens Restaurant
Entertainment33Seize the Deal - 1139nb
Entertainment34Shea\'s Buffalo
Entertainment35Steve Burnside
Entertainment36Shores Waterfront Restaurant
Entertainment37Sunset Bar & Grill - 18 Shore Drive, Wilson NY 14172 716-751-6868
Entertainment38Taste of Buffalo
Entertainment39Templeton Landing - formerly Shanghai Red\'s
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WP - Tutorials1Make a Small Business Website - 2013 - YouTube
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WP - Tutorials3Tyler Moore - Ted Barnickle Tennis 1:42:02
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Review the Movie List

9Wood, Reilley, Connely
127 HoursFranco, Mara
1408Cusak, Freeman
2012Cusak, Peet, Platt, Glover, Harrelson
10,000 BCStrait, Belle, Curtis
16 BlocksWillis
20,000 Leagues Under The SeaDouglas, Mason, Lorre, Lukas
2001, A Space OdysseyDullea, Lockwood
21 GramsPenn, Del Toro, Watts
24 - First SeasonSutherland
28 DaysBullock, Mortensen, Ladd, Buscemi
28 Days LaterMurphy, Harris
28 Weeks LaterCarlyle, Byrne
3:10 to YumaCrowe, Bale, Fonda, Mol, Foster
3000 Miles to GracelandCostner, Russell, Cox, Slater
40 Year Old Virgin, TheCarell, Keener, Rudd
A Beautiful MindCrowe, Connelly, Bettany, Hirsch
A Clockwork OrangeMcDowell, Magee
A Day's PleasureChaplin
A Few Good MenCruise, Moore, Nicholson, Walsh, Bacon
A Hard Day's NightBeatles
A Man ApartDiesel
A Man For All SeasonsShaw, Scofield, Welles, York, Hiller
A View To A KillMoore, Roberts, Jones, Macnee
About SchmidtNicholson, Bates, Davis
Adventures Of Robin Hood, TheFlynn, DeHavilland, Rathbone, Rains, Hale
African Queen, TheBogart, Hepburn, Gotel, Morley, Bikel
After The SunsetBrosnan, Harrelson, Hayek, Cheadle
AI - Artificial IntelligenceOsment, Law, O'Connor, Hurt
Air Force OneFord, Oldman, Brewson, Macy
Alamo, TheWayne, Widmark, Harvey, Boone, Avalon
Alamo, TheThornton, Quaid, Patrick, Wilson
AliSmith, Voight, Foxx, Van Peebles
Alice In WonderlandDepp, Hathaway, Carter, Glover, Rickman
AlienWeaver, Skerritt, Cartwright, Kotto, Stanton
Alien 3Weaver, Dutton, Hendriksen
Alien ResurrectionWeaver, Ryder, Perlman, Hedaya
Alien Versus Predator (AVP)Lathan, Hendriksen
All About EveDavis, Baxter, Sanders, Holm
All Quiet On The Western FrontAyers, Wolheim
All The King's MenCrawford, Ireland, Dru, Derek
All The President's MenHoffman, Redford, Warden, Balsam, Holbrook
Altered StatesHurt, Brown, Haid
AmadeusAbraham, Hulce
AmeliaSwank, Gere, McGregor
American BeautySpacey, Bening
American FlyersCostner, Grant, Chong
American GangsterWashington, Crowe, Gooding, Jr., Brolin
American GrafittiDreyfuss, Howard, Le Mat, Smith, Ford, Clark
American WeddingBiggs, Hannigan, Scott
AmistadFreeman, Hopkins, Hounsou, McCaughey
An American In ParisKelly, Caron, Levant, Foch
An American Werewolf In LondonNaughton, Agutter, Dunne
And Justice For AllPacino, Warren, Forsythe, Strasberg
Angel and the BadmanWayne
Anger ManagementSandler, Nicholson, Tomei
Annie HallAllen, Keaton, Roberts, Kane, Simon, Duvall
Antwone FisherLuke, Washington, Bryant
Apartment, TheLemmon, MacLaine, MacMurray, Walston
Apocalypse NowSheen, Brando, Forrest, Fishburne, Hopper
Apollo 13Hanks, Quinlan, Bacon, Paxton, Sinise, Harris
Apollo 18Unknowns
AppaloosaMortensen, Harris, Zellweger, Irons
ArgoAffleck, Arkin, Goodman
ArmageddonWillis, Thornton, Tyler, Affleck, Duncan
Around The World In 80 DaysNiven, Cantinflas, Newton, MacLaine
Artist, TheDujardin, Bejo
Assassination of Jesse James by Robert FordPitt, Afleck, Shepard, Parker
Assassination Of Richard Nixon, ThePenn, Cheadle, Watts, Thompson
Assault On Precinct 13Hawke, Fishburne, Bello
Astronaut Farmer, TheThornton, Madsen, Dern
Astronaut's Wife, TheDepp, Theron
AustraliaKidman, Jackman, Brown
AvatarWorthington, Saldana, Lang, Weaver
Aviator, TheDiCaprio, Blanchett, Beckingale
AwakeChristensen, Alba, Howard
BabelPitt, Blanchett
BackdraftDeNiro, Russell, Baldwin, Glenn, Sutherland
Bad Boys IILawrence, Smith, Stormare
Bad CompanyHopkins, Rock, Macht
Bad(der) SantaThornton, Graham, Ritter, Mac
Bambi IICartoon
Bangkok DangerousCage, Young
Bank Job, TheStatham, Burrows, Moore
Basic Instinct IIStone, Morrisey, Rampling
BatmanNicholson, Keaton, Hingle, Palance
Batman And RobinSchwarzenegger, Clooney, O'Donnell, Thurman
Batman BeginsBale, Caine, Neeson, Holmes
BattleshipKitxh, Skarsgard, Rihanna, Neeson
Be CoolTravolta, Thurman
Bear, TheBart, Douce, Wallace
Bells of St. Mary's, TheCrosby, Bergman
Ben HurHeston, Hawkins, Harareet, Boyd, Griffith, Jaffe
BeowulfHopkins, Jolie, Winstone, Malkovich
Best Years Of Our Lives, TheLoy, March, Andrews, Mayo
Beverly Hills ChihuahuaBarrymore, Lopez, Garcia, Curtis
Beyond the SeaSpacey, Bosworth, Hoskins, Goodman
Bible, TheDowney, Mostly unknowns
Big FishFinney, McGregor, Lange, Crudup
Billy JackLaughlin, Daylor, Howat
Billy Jack Goes to WashingtonLaughlin, Taylor, Marshall
BirthKidman, Bacall, Stormare
Birth Of A Nation, TheGish, Marsh, Walthall
Black Dahlia, TheHartnett, Johansson, Swank
Black Hawk DownHartnett, McGregor, Sizemore
Black Snake MoanJackson, Ricci, Timberlake
Black SwanPortman
Blade RunnerFord, Hauer, Young, Olmos, Hannah
Blair Witch Project, TheUnknowns
Blazing SaddlesBrooks, Little, Wilder
Blind DateWillis, Basinger, Daniels
Blind FuryHauer, Blount, Cobb
Blind Side, TheBullock, Bates
Blood DiamondDiCaprio, Connelly, Hounsou, Sheen
Blue Max, ThePeppard, Andress, Mason
Blue SteelWayne
BobbyFishburne, Hopkins, Macy, Moore, Stone, Wood
Bodyguard, TheCostner, Houston, Waite, Kemp, Cobbs
Body of LiesDiCaprio, Crowe
BoltDisney Cartoon
Bonnie And ClydeBeatty, Dunaway, Pollard, Hackman, Parsons
Born LosersLaughlin, Russell, James, Slate
Boston Strangler, TheCurtis, Fonda, Kennedy
Bounty, TheGibson, Hopkins
Bourne Identity, TheDamon, Potente, Cox
Bourne Legacy, TheRenner, Weisz, Norton, Finney
Bourne Supremacy, TheDamon, Potente, Cox
Bourne Ultimatum, TheDamon, Stiles, Strathairn, Glenn
Bowling For ColumbineMoore
Brave One, TheFoster, Howard, Steenburgen
BraveheartGibson, Marceau, McGoohan, McCormack
BreakdownRussell, Walsh, Quinlan
Breaking Dawn, Part 1Stewart, Pattinson, Lautner, Burke
Breaking Dawn, Part 2Stewart, Pattinson, Lautner, Burke
Breakup, TheAnniston,
Breakfast At Tiffany'sHepburn, Peppard, Neal, Ebsen, Balsam, Rooney
Bride of Frankenstein
Bridge On The River Kwai, TheHolden, Guiness
Bridge to TerabithiaHutcherson, Robb, Partick, Deschanel
Bridget Jones's DiaryZellweger, Firth, Grant
Bridget Jones - The Edge of ReasonZellweger, Firth, Grant
Brokeback MountainLedger, Gyllehaal, Mathaway
Broken BridgesKeith, Preston
Brotherhood Of The WolfVarious
Bruce AlmightyCarrey, Anniston, Freeman
Bucket List, TheNicholson, Freeman, Hayes, Morrow
Bull DurhamCostner, Sarandon, Robbins
BullittMcQueen, Vaughn, Bissett, Gordon, Ruvall
Burn After ReadingClooney, McDormand, Malkovich, Swinton, Pitt
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance KidNewman, Redford, Ross, Martin, Corey
Butterfly Effect, TheKutcher
Cabin FeverStrong, Ladd, Verveen
Caine Mutiny, TheBogart, Ferrer, Johnson, MacMurray
Call, TheBerry
CapoteHoffman, Keener
Captain Marvel, Adventures OfTyler, Benedict
Car, TheBrolin, Cox, Marley, Lloyd
Carlito's WayPacino
CarrieSpacek, Travolta, Laurie
CasablancaBogart, Bergman, Henreid, Rains, Greenstreet
Case 39Zellweger, Ferland, McShane, Cooper
Casino Royale (1967)Sellers, Allen, Niven, Andress
Casino Royale (1954)Nelson, Lorre, Christian (Black and White)
Casino Royale (2007)Craig, Green, Dench, Mikkelsen, Wright
Cast AwayHanks, Hunt
Catch Me If You CanHanks, DiCaprio, Walken, Sheen
CellularBasinger, Evans, Macy
Changing LanesAffleck
ChangelingJolie, Malkovich
Chariots Of FireCross, Charleson, Havrs, Davenport, Davis
Charlie And The Chocolate FactoryDepp, Bonham-Carter, Highmore
Charlie Wilson's WarHanks, Roberts, Hoffman, Beatty
ChicagoGere, Zellweger, Zeta-Jones
ChinatownNicholson, Dunaway, Hillerman, Young, Huston
Chitty Chitty Bang BangVan Dyke, Howes, Jeffries
ChristineGordon, Stockwell, Prosky, Stanton
Christmas Carol, ASim, Warner
Christmas Story, ABillingsley, McGavin, Dillon
Cinderella ManCrowe, Zellweger, Giamatti
Citizen KaneWelles, Cotton, Moorehead
Clash of the TitansNeeson, Fiennes
Class ActionHackman, Mastrantonio
CleopatraTaylor, Burton, Harrison, Cronyn, Landau
Close Encounters Of The Third KindDreyfuss, Garr, Dillon, Truffaut
Cloud AtlasHanks, Berry, Sarandon, Grant
Coach CarterJackson, Ashanti
CocoonAmeche, Brimley, Cronyn, Dennehy, Tandy
Cold MountainLaw, Kidman, Zellweger
CollateralCruise, Foxx
Collector, TheUnknowns
Color PurpleGlover, Goldberg, Chong, Winfrey
Conspirator, TheMcAvoy, Wright, Kline
Constant Gardner, TheFiennes, Weisz, Nighy
ContrabandWahlberg, Beckinsale
Coogan's BluffEastwood, Clark, Stroud, Cobb
Cool Hand LukeNewman, Kennedy, Martin
Cooler, TheMacy, Bello, Baldwin
CopoutWillis, Morgan
Core, TheEckhart, Swank, Woodard
Corpse BrideDepp, Bonham-Carter
Couples RetreatVaughn, Bateman, Reno
Cowboys and AliensFord, Craig, Wilde
CrankStatham, Smart, Yoakum
CrashBullock, Cheadle, Dillon
Crazy HeartBridges, Gyllenhaal, Duvall
CreepshowHolbrook, Barbeau, Marshall, Nielsen, Nye
Creepshow 2Chiles, Kennedy, Lamour, Savin
Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonFat, Yeoh, Zlyl, Chen
Cummings (Bob) ShowCummings
Cure, TheChaplin
Curious Case of Benjamin Button, ThePitt, Blanchett
Dances With WolvesCostner, McDonnell, Greene
Dark BlueRussell, Rhames, Davidovich
Dark Knight, TheBale, Ledger, Oldman, Freeman, Caine
Dark Knight Rises, TheBale, Caine, Hathaway, Freeman, Oldman
Das BootProchnow
DaVinci Code, TheHanks, Tautou, McKellen, Reno
Dawn Rider, TheWayne
Day After Tomorrow, TheQuaid, Holm, Ward
Day The Earth Stood Still, The (Original)Rennie, Neal, Marlowe, Jaffe, Gray, Bavier
Day The Earth Stood Still, The (2008)Reeves, Connelly, Cleese, bates
Days of ThunderCruise, Duvall, Quaid, Kidman, Elwes
Dead Man WalkingSarandon, Penn, Prosky, Barry
Dead Pool, TheEastwood, Neeson, Carrey, Clarkson
Dead SilenceKwanten, Wahlberg, Gunton
Death ProofRussell, Tarantino, Dawson, Bell
Death SentenceBacon, Hedlund, Preston, Goodman
Deep SeaImax Special Effects
Deer Hunter, TheDeNiro, Streep, Walken, Savage, Cazale
DefianceCraig, Schreiber, Bell
déjà vuWashington, Kilmer, Caviezel
DeliveranceReynolds, Voight, Beatty, Cox
Demolition ManStallone, Snipes, Bullock, Hawthorne
Departed, TheDiCaprio, Damon, Nicholson, Wahlberg
Descent, TheMacDonald, Mendoza
Desert Trail, TheWayne
Devil at 4 O'clock, TheTracey, Sinatra, Mathews
Devil Wears Prada, TheStreep, Hathaway, Tucci
Diamonds Are ForeverConnery, St. John, Wood, Dean, Cabot
Dick TracyByrd
Die Another DayBrosnan, Berry
Die HardWillis, Rickman, Bedelia, Godunov
Die Hard 2 - Die HarderWillis, Bedelia, Atherton, Vel Johnson, Amos
Die Hard With A VengeanceWillis, Irons, Jackson, Greene
DinerRourke, Bacon , Barkin, Reiser
Dirty HarryEastwood, Guardino, Larch, Vernon
Django UnchainedFoxx, Waltz, DiDaprio, Washington, Jackson
Doctor ZhivagoSharif, Christie, Chaplin, Courtenay, Steiger
DodgeballVaughn, Stiller, Taylor, Torn
Dog Day AfternoonPacino, Cazale, Broderick, Durning
Don Juan DeMarcoBrando, Depp, Dunaway
Donnie BrascoPachino, Depp, Heche
Donnie DarkoGyllenhaal, Barrymore, Wyle
DoubtStreep, Hoffman, Adams, Davis
Dr. NoConnery, Andress, Wiseman, Lord, Lee
Dr. StrangeloveSellers, Scott, Hayden, Wynn, Pickens
DraculaLugosi, Manners, Chandler, Frye
Dracula (Spanish Version)Lugosi, Manners, Chandler, Frye
Dracula's Daughter
DragonflyCostner, Hunt, Bates
DreamcatcherFreeman, Sizemore, Wahlberg
DreamgirlsFoxx, Knowles, Murphy, Hudson
DriveGosling, Mulligan, Perlman
Driving Miss DaisyFreeman, Tandy, Aykroyd
Drum LineCannon, Saldana, Jones
E. T., The ExtraterrestrialWallace, Coyote, Barrymore, Thomas
Eastern PromisesMortensen, Watts, Cassel
Easy RiderFonda, Hopper, Nicholson, Southern
Eat, Pray, LoveRoberts, Franco, Jennings, Bardem
Edge of DarknessGibson, Winstone
Edward ScissorhandsDepp, Ryder
Eight BelowWalker
El CidHeston, Loren
Empire of the SunMalkovich, Bale
Enemy At The GatesFiennes, Law, Harris
Enemy Below, TheMitchum, Jurgens
Enforcer, TheEastwood, Daly, Guardino
English Patient, TheFiennes, Binoche, Dafoe, Scott Thomas
EnoughLopez, Campbell, Lewis, Wyle
Enter The DragonLee, Saxon, Capri
EragonWeisz, Malkovich, Irons
EraserSchwarzenegger, Caan, Williams
Erin BrockovichRoberts, Finney, Eckhart
Exorcism Of Emily Rose, TheLinney, Wilkinson, Carpenter
Exorcist, TheBurstyn, Von Sydow, Cobb, Blair
Expendables, TheStallone, Li, Lundgren, Rourke, Willis
Face OffTravolta, Cage, Allen
Fahrenheit 9/11Moore
Falling Skies - First SeasonWyle
Far And AwayCruise, Kidman
FargoMacy, McDormand, Buscemi, Stormare, Presnell
Farewell To Arms, AHayes, Cooper
Fast And The Furious, TheDiesel, Walker, Rodriguez, Levine
Fast Times at Ridgemont HighPenn, Leigh, Cates, Reinhold, Walston
FasterJohnson, Thornton
Fatal InstinctAssante, Nelligan, Young
Father's Little DividendTaylor
Field Of DreamsCostner, Madigan, Jones, Liotta, Lancaster
Fighter, TheWahlberg, Bale, Adams
Final DestinationUnknowns
Final Destination, The (IV)Unknowns
Final Destination IIUnknowns
Final Destination IIIUnknowns
Final Destination VUnknowns
Finding NemoBrooks, DeGeneres
Finding NeverlandDepp, Winslet, Christie, Hoffman
FirewallFord, Bettany, Madsen
First BloodStallone, Crenna, Dennehy
Fistful Of Dollars, AEastwood
Five People You Meet In Heaven, TheVoight, Burstyn, Daniels
Flags Of Our FathersPhillippe, Bradford, Beach
Flash Gordon Conquers The UniverseCrabbe
Flash Gordon, The Purple DeathCrabbe
Flash Gordon SeriesCrabbe
FlightWashington, Cheadle, Goodman
Flight Of the Phoenix Quaid, Ribisi, Otto
Flight Of The Phoenix (Orig)Stewart, Attenborough, Kruger
FlightplanFoster, Sarsgaard, Christensen
Fog, TheWelling, Grace, Blair
For Your Eyes OnlyMoore, Bouquet, Topol, Glover
Forgotten, TheMoore, Sinese, Woodard
Forrest GumpHanks, Field, Wright, Sinese
Four BrothersWahlberg, Gibson, Benjamin, Hedlund
Four Feathers, TheLedger, Hudson, Bentley
FractureHopkins, Gosling, Strathairn
FrailtyPaxton, McConaughey, Boothe
Frankenstein (1931)Clive, Karloff, Clarke
Frankenstein Meets the WolfmanKarloff
French Connection, TheHackman, Rey, Scheider
FrequencyQuaid, Braugher, Caviezel
Friday Night LightsThornton, McGraw
From Russia With LoveConnery, Lenya, Shaw, Lee, Bianchi
From Here to EternityLancaster, Clift, Sinatra, Reed, Kerr
From The Earth To The MoonMany, Many, Many
Frost NixonLangela, Sheen, Bacon, Hall
Fugitive, TheFord, Jones, Ward, Pantoliano
Full Metal JacketModine, Baldwin, D'Onofrio
Fun With Dick and JaneSegal, Fonda, McMahon
G I JoeUnknowns
Gangs Of New YorkDiCaprio, Day-Lewis, Diaz
General, TheKeaton, Mack
Gentlemen's AgreementPeck, McGuire, Garfield
Get ShortyTravolta, Hackman, Russo, DeVito
GhandiKingsley, Bergen, Fol, Howard, Sheen, Gielgud
GhostMoore, Swayze, Goldberg
Ghost of Frankenstein
Ghost RiderCage, Mendes, Bently, Elliott, Fonda
GiantTaylor, Hudson, Dean, Withers, Wills
Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, TheRapace
Girl Who Played With Fire, TheRapace
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, TheRapace
GladiatorCrowe, Phoenix, Nielsen, Reed, Jacobi
Godfather, TheBrando, Caan, Pacino, Duvall, Hayden, Keaton
Godfather, The (Part II)Pacino, Duvall, Keaton, DeNiro, Shire
Godfather, The (Part III)Pacino, Keaton, Shire, Garcia, Wallach
Gods And GeneralsDaniels, Lang, Duvall
Gods Must Be Crazy, TheUnknowns
Going My WayCrosby, Fitzgerald, McHugh, Heather
Golden Compass, TheKidman, Elliott, Craig, Green, Richards
Golden YearsSzarabajka, Huffman, Steinhagen
GoldeneyeBrosnan, Bean, Scorupco, Baker
GoldfingerConnery, Frobe, Blackman
Goldrush, TheChaplin
Gone Baby GoneAffleck, Freeman, Harris, Monaghan
Gone With The WindGable, Leigh, McDaniels, Howard, deHavilland
Good Day to Die Hard, AWillis, Courtney, Koch
good night, and good luckStrathairn, Clarkson, Clooney
Good Shepherd, TheDamon, Jolie, DeNiro
GoodfellasDeNiro, Liotta, Pesci, Bracco, Sorvino
Graduate, TheHoffman, Bancroft, Ross,
Grapes Of Wrath, TheFonda, Darwell, Carradine
Great Escape, TheMcQueen, Garner, Attenborough, Bronson
Great Ziegfield, ThePowell, Loy, Rainer, Bryce, Bolger
Green Mile, TheHanks, Duncan
Grey, TheNeeson
Green ZoneDamon, Kinnear
Greystoke, the Legend of TarzanLambert, Richardson, Holm, MacDowell
Guardian, TheCostner, Kutcher, Ward
Guess Who Mac, Kutcher, Saldana
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?Tracy, Hepburn, Poitier, Houghton
Gunfight At The OK CorralLancaster, Douglas, Fleming, Van Fleet, Ireland
HairsprayTravolta. Pfeiffer, Walken, Latifa
HancockSmith, Theron
HannibalHopkins, Moore, Liotta
Hannibal RisingUlliel, Li, Ifans, West
Happening, TheWahlberg, Buckley, Deschanel, Leguizamo
Happy FeetWood, Williams, Jackman, Kidman
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of SecretsRadcliff, Grint, Watson, Branagh
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1Radcliff, Grint, Watson, Coltrane, Carter
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2Radcliff, Grint, Watson, Coltrane, Carter
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of FireRadcliff, Grint, Watson, Coltrane
Harry Potter and the Half Blood PrinceRadcliff, Grint, Watson, Coltrane
Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixRadcliff, Grint, Watson, Coltrane, Fiennes
Harry Potter And The Prizoner Of AzkabanRadcliff, Grint, Watson
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's StoneRadcliffe, Grint, Watson, Cleese, Coltrane
Hart's WarWillis, Farrell
HarveyStewart, Hull
Haunting in Connecticut, TheMadsen
Heaven Knows, Mr. AllisonMitchum, Kerr
HellboyPerlman, Blair, Tambor, Hurt
Hell TownWayne
Help, TheUnknowns
HidalgoMortensen, Sharif
Hide and SeekDeNiro, Fanning, Shue
High and the Mighty, TheWayne, Trevor, Day, Stack
High NoonCooper, Kelly, Bridges, Mitchell, Kruger, Chaney
HighlanderLambert, Hart, Brown, Connery
History Of Violence, AMortensen, Harris, Bello, Hurt
HitchcockHopkins, Mirren, Johansson
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, TheRockwell, Rickman
HitmanOlyphant, Scott
Hobbit, TheMcKellen, Freeman, Armitage, Holm, Woods
HoffaNicholson, DeVito, Walsh, Prosky
Holiday InnCrosby, Astaire, Reynolds, Dale
HollywoodlandBrody, Lane, Affleck, Hoskins
HondoWayne, Bond, Arness, Pate, Page
HostageWillis, Pollak, Tucker
HostelHernandez, Richardson
Hostel IIUnknowns
Hostel IIIUnknowns
Hotel RwandaCheadle, Nolte, Okonedo
Hours, TheKidman, Streep, Moore, Harris
House of Dracula
House of Frankenstein
House Of Sand And FogConnely, Kingsley
How Green Was My ValleyMcDowall, Crisp, Allgood, O'Hara. Pidgeon
How To Train Your DragonButler, Ferrera
Hulk, TheBana, Connely, Elliott, Nolte
Hulk, TheBana, Elliott, Nolte, Ferrigno
Hunchback Of Notre Dame, TheChaney
Hunger Games, TheLawrence, Harrelson, Sutherland
Hunt For Red October, TheConnery, Baldwin, Glenn, Jones, Neill
Hunted, TheJones, Del Toro
Hurt Locker, TheFiennes, Morse
Hustler, TheNewman, Gleason, Scott, Laurie
I Am LegendSmith, Braga, Mihok
I Am Number FourOlyphant
I Am SamPenn, Pfeiffer, Dern
I, RobotSmith, Moynahan, Greenwood
IdentityCusack, Liotta, Peet
Idle ClassChaplin
Illusionist, TheNorton, Giamatti, Biel
I'm Not ThereBale, Ledger, Blanchett, Gere
In AmericaMorton, Considine, Hounsou
In Like FlintCoburn
In The BedroomSpacek, Wilkinson, Torem
In The Heat Of The NightPoitier, Steiger, Oates, Grant
InceptionDiCaprio, Watanabe, Caine
Incredibles, TheCartoon
Independence DayGoldbloom, Smith, Pullman, Hirsch, Quaid
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal SkullFord, Allen, Blanchett, Hurt, LaBeouf
Informant, TheDamon, Bakula
Inglorious BasterdsPitt
Interpreter, TheKidman, Penn, Keener
Interview With The VampireCruise, Banderas, Pitt, Slater
Into The WildHirsch, Harden, Hurt, Vaughn, Holbrook
InvictusFreeman, Damon
InvincibleWahlberg, Kinnear
Iron LadyStreep
Iron ManDowney, Howard, Bridges, Paltrow
Iron Man 2Downey, Paltrow, Cheadle, Johansson, Rourke
Island in the SkyWayne, Nolan, Arness, Devine
Island, TheMcGregor, Johansson, Duncan
ItAnderson, Christopher, O'Toole, Reid, Ritter
It Happened One NightGable, Colbert, Connolly
Italian Job, TheWahlberg, Theron, Norton
It's A Wonderful LifeStewart, Reed, Barrymore, Bondi, Grahame
J. EdgarDiCaprio, Watts, Dench
Jack ReacherCruise, Pike, Duvall
Jack the Giant SlayerHoult, McGregor
Jackal, TheWillis, Gere, Poitier
JarheadGyllenhaal, Sarsgaard, Foxx
JawsSchneider, Dreyfus, Shaw, Hamilton
Jeremiah JohnsonRedford, Geer
Jerry MaGuireCruise, Zellweger, Preston, Gooding Jr.
JFKCostner, Bacon, Jones, Metcalf, Oldman, Spacek
John CarterKitsch, Dafoe
John Q.Washington, Duvall, Woods, Heche
Jonah HexBrolin, Malkovich, Fox
Journey to the Center of the EarthFraser
Julie & JuliaStreep, Adams
Jurassic Park Neill, Dern, Goldblum, Attenborough
Jurassic Park IIINeill, Macy, Leoni
K-19, The WidowmakerFord, Neeson
Karate Kid, TheSmith, Chan
Karate Kid, TheMacchio, Morita
Kid, TheChaplin
Kill Bill Volume 1Thurman, Liu, Madsen, Hannah
Kill Bill Volume 2Thurman, Carradine, Madsen, Hannah
King And I, TheBrynner, Kerr, Moreno
King KongWray, Armstrong, Cabot
King Kong (2005)Watts, Black, Brody
Kingdom HospitalUnknowns
King's Speech, TheFirth, Rush, Carter
Kite Runner, TheUnknowns
Knight and DayCruise, Diaz
Knight's Tale, ALedger, Addy, Sewell
KnowingCage, Byrne, Canterbury
Kramer Vs. KramerHoffman, Streep, Alexander, Henry
LabyrinthBowie, Connely
Ladder 49Travolta, Phoenix, Barrett
Lady And The TrampCartoon
Lady in the WaterGiamatti, Howard
Ladykillers, TheHanks, Wayans
Lake House, TheBullock, Reeves, Plummer
Lakeview TerraceJackson, Wilson, Washington, Hernandez
Last Airbender, TheUnknowns
Last Chance HarveyHoffman, Thompson, Brolin
Last House on the Left, TheGoldwyn, Potter
Last King Of Scotland, TheWhitaker, McAvoy, Anderson
Last Samurai, TheCruise, Watanabe
Law Abiding CitizenFoxx, Butler
Lawless Frontier, TheWayne
Lawrence Of ArabiaGuiness, O'Toole, Quinn, Hawkins, Quayle
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, TheConnery
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin
Legend Of Zorro, TheBanderas, Zeta-Jones
Lemony Snicket's Series of Unf. EventsCarrey, Streep, Law
Letters From Iwo JimaWatanabe
Liberty HeightsFoster, Brody
License To KillDalton
Life Of David Gayle, TheSpacey, Winslet
Life of PiUnknowns
Life With FatherPowell, Dunne, Gwenn , Pitts, Taylor, Milner
LinclonDay-Lewis, Field, Strathairn, Holbrook, Jones
Lions For LambsStreep, Redford, Cruise
Little Princess, TheTemple, Romero
Live And Let DieMoore, Kotto, Seymour
Live Free or Die HardWillis, Long, Olyphant, Curtis
Living Daylights, TheDalton, d'Abo, Baker, Krabbe
LooperWillis, Gordon-Levitt, Blunt
Lord Of The Rings - Fellowship Of The RingsWood, McKellen, Tyler, Mortensen, Astin
Lord Of The Rings - Return Of The KingWood, Astin. Mortensen, McKellen
Lord Of The Rings - The Two TowersWood, Astin. Mortensen, McKellen
Lord Of WarCage, Leto
Losers, TheSaldana, Patric
Lost Boys, TheSutherland, Patric, Weist
Lost In TranslationMurray, Johannsen, Ribisi
Lost Weekend, TheMilland, Wyman
Love StoryMacGraw, O'Neal, Marley, Milland
Lucky Number SlevinWillis, Hartnet, Freeman
Lucky Texan, TheWayne
M*A*S*HSutherland, Skerritt, Gould, Duvall, Kellerman
MacheteTrejo, Seagal, Alba, DeNiro
Made For Each OtherLombard, Stewart
Magnificent Seven, TheBrynner, Wallach, McQueen, Bronson, Coburn
Magnum ForceEastwood, Holbrood
Maltese Falcon, TheBogart, Astor, George, Lorre, Greenstreet
Mama MiaStreep, Brosnan, Firth, Baranski
Man From Utah, TheWayne
Man Of The YearWilliams, Walken, Linney, Goldblum
Man On A LedgeWorthington, Banks, Harris
Man On FireWashington, Fanning, Walken
Man Who Knew Too Much, TheCotton
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, TheStewart, Wayne, Miles, Marvin, O'Brien, Devine
Man With The Golden Gun, TheMoore, Lee, Ekland
Manchurian Candidate, TheSinatra, Harvey, Leigh, Lansbury
Manchurian Candidate, The (Remake)Washington, Streep, Schreiber
March of the PenguinsNone
Mark Of Zorro, ThePower, Darnell, Rathbone
Marley & MeWilson, Aniston, Arkin
Mars AttacksNicholson
Mary Shelly's FrankensteinDeNiro, Branach, Carter
Master And CommanderCrowe, Bettany
Matchstick MenCage, Rockwell, Lohman
Matrix ReloadedReeves, Fishburne, Moss
Matrix RevolutionsReeves, Fishburne, Moss
Matrix, TheReeves, Fishburne, Moss
Max PayneWahlberg, Bridges, Bridges
McLintockWayne, O'Hara
Medicine ManConnery, Bracco
Meet John DoeCooper, Stanwyck
Meet The FockersDeNiro, Hoffman, Streisand, Stiller
Meet the ParentsDeNiro, Stiller, Danner, Wilson
Meet the SpartansMacGuire, Electra, Davitian, Sorbo
MementoPearce, Moss, Pantoliano
Memoirs Of A GeishaZhang, Watanabe
Men In Black Jones, Smith, Fiorentino
Men In Black IIJones, Smith, Boyle, Dawson, Torn
Men Who Stare At Goats, TheClooney, Bridges, McGregor, Spacey
Message In A BottleCostner, Wright Penn, Newman, Savage
Michael ClaytonClooney, Wilkinson, Swinton, Pollack
Midnight CowboyHoffman, Voight, Vaccaro, McGiver
MilkPenn, Brolin, Hirsch, Luna, Franco
Million Dollar BabySwank, Eastwood, Freeman
Minority ReportCruise, Von Sydow
MiracleRussell, Clarkson, Emmerich
Miracle at St. AnnaLuke, Ealy
Miracle on 34th StreetGwenn, O'Hara, Payne, Wood
Miracle Worker, TheBancroft, Duke, Jory, Prine, Swenson
Mirror MirrorRoberts
MiseryCaan, Bates
Miss CongenialityBullock, Shatner, Hudson
Miss Congeniality IIBullock, Shatner, Williams
Missing, TheJones, Blanchett
Mission ImpossibleCruise, Voight, Beart, Reno, Rhames, Redgrave
Mission Impossible 2Cruise, Newton, Scott
Mission Impossible IIICruise, Hoffman, Rhames
Mission Impossible IV - Ghost ProtocolCruise
Mist, TheJane, Harden, Holden, Braugher, Jones
Mister RobertsFonda, Cagney
Moby DickPeck, Basehart, Genn, Welles
MoneyballPitt, Hoffman
MonsterTheron, Ricci, Dern
Monster BallBerry, Thornton, Ledger
Monster-In-LawLopez, Fonda, Vartan
Moon Rockwell
MoonrakerMoore, Chiles, Kiel, Lonsdale
MorituriBrando, Brynner
Motorcycle Diaries, TheBernal, de la Serna
Mr. & Mrs. SmithPitt, Jolie
Mr. BrooksCostner, Hurt
Mr. Smith Goes To WashingtonStewart, Arthur, Rains, Arnold, Kibbee, Mitchell
Mrs. Henderson PresentsDench, Hoskins
Mrs. MiniverGarson, Pidgeon, Wright
Much Ado About NothingBranaugh, Washington, Thompson
MunichBana, Craig, Rush
Must Love DogsLand, Cusack, Channing
Mutiny On The Bounty (1935)Laughton, Gable, Tone, Digges
My Big Fat Greek WeddingVardalos, Corbett, Kazan
My Fair LadyHarrison, Hepburn
My Favorite BrunetteHope, Lamour
My One and OnlyZellweger, Noth, Weber, Bacon
My Super Ex-GirlfriendThurman
Mystic PizzaRoberts, Gish, Taylor, D'Onofrio
Mystic RiverPenn, Robbins, Bacon, Fishburne
Narnia, The Lion, the Witch & The WardrobeCast of Unknowns
National TreasureCage, Voight, Keitel, Kruger
Natural Born KillersHarrelson
Natural, TheRedford, Duvall, Close, Basinger, Brimley
Neath Arizona SkiesWayne
Needful Thingsvon Sydow, Harris, Bedelia
NetworkDunaway, Holden, Finch, Duvall
Never Say Never AgainConnery, Brandauer, Von Sydow, Bassinger
New Daughter, TheCostner,
New In TownZellweger, Connick, Jr.
New MoonStewart, Patinson, Burke, Facinelli
Next Three Days, TheCrowe, Banks, Denehy, Neeson
Night At The MuseumStiller, Williams, Van Dyke, Rooney
Night at the Museum IIStiller, Williams
Nightmare On Elm StreetLangenkamp, Saxon, Depp
Nightmares and DreamscapesVarious
No Country For Old MenJones, Bardem, Brolin
North By NorthwestGrant, Saint, Mason, Landis
North CountryTheron, McDormand, Spacek
NosferatuSchreck, Granach, Schroeder
Number 23, TheCarrey, Madsen, Huston
O Brother, Where Art Thou?Clooney, Turturro, Goodman
OblivionCruise, Freeman
Ocean's ElevenClooney, Pitt, Damon, Garcia, Roberts
Ocean's ThirteenClooney, Pacino, Pitt, Damon, Mac
Ocean's TwelveClooney, Roberts, Pitt, Damon
October StormNews
OctopussyMoore, Adams, Jourdan
Odd Life of Timothy Green, TheGarner, Edgerton
Office SpaceLivingston, Root, Anniston, Cole
Old Man and the Sea, TheTracy
OliverMoody, Reed, Lester, Wallis
Olympus Has FallenButler, Eckhart, freeman
Omen, TheStiles, Schreiber, Farrow
On Golden PondFonda, Fonda, Hepburn, Coleman, McKeon
On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceLazenby, Rigg, Savalas
On The WaterfrontBrando, Malden, Cobb, Steiger, Saint
Once Upon A Time In AmericaDeNiro, Woods, McGovern, Pesci, Young, Weld
Once Upon a Time In MexicoBanderas, Hayek, Depp
Once Upon A Time In The WestFonda, Cardinale, Robards, Bronson
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's NestNicholson, Fletcher, Redfield
One Hour PhotoWilliams
Open RangeCostner, Duvall, Bening
OrcaHarris, Derek, Sampson, Rampling
Ordinary PeopleMoore, Sutherland, Hutton, Hirsch
Other Guys, TheWahlberg, Ferrell, Mendes
Others, TheKidman
Our Man FlintCoburn
Out of AfricaRedford, Streep, Brandauer
Out Of TimeWashington, Mendex, Cain
Outlaw Josie Wales, TheEastwood, George, Locke, Vernon
Outrage, TheNewman, Harvey, Bloom, Robinson
Pale RiderEastwood, Moriarty, Snodgrass, Penn, Dysart
PandorumQuaid, Foster
Panic RoomFoster, Whitaker, Yoakum
Paradise CanyonWayne
Paranormal ActivityUnknowns
Passion Of The Christ, TheCaviexel
Patriot, TheGibson, Ledger, Richardson
PattonScott, Malden
Paul Blart, Mall CopJames, Mays, O'Donnell, Knight
Pay DayChaplin
Pay It ForwardOsmont, Spacey, Hunt
Pearl HarborAffleck, Hartnett, Beckingale, Gooding Jr., Voight
Penny SerenadeDunne, Grant
Perfect Storm, TheClooney, Wahlberg, Lane, Allen, Mastrantonio
Perfect StrangerWillis, Berry
Peter PanIsaacs, Sumpter, Redgrave
Phantom Creeps, TheLugosi
Philadelphia Esperiment, ThePare, Lea, Robbins, McDowell
Phone BoothFarrell, Whitaker, Sutherland
Pianist, TheBrody, Kretschmann
Pineapple ExpressRogen, Franco, Perez, Cole
Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's EndDepp, Bloom, Knightly
Pirates Of The Caribbean - Curse of the Black PearlDepp, Bloom, Knightly
Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Man's ChestDepp, Bloom, Knightly
Pitch BlackDiesel, Mitchell, David
Planet Of The ApesWahlberg, Roth, Duncan, Carter
PlatoonDafoe, Sheen, Berenger
Play Misty for MeEastwood, Walter, Mills
Point Of No ReturnFonda, Byrnne, Bankroft
Polar Express, TheHanks
PoseidonRussell, Dreyfuss, Lucas
Poseidon Adventure, TheHackman, Borgnine, Buttons, Winters,
Postman, TheCostner, Patton, Petty, Tate, Williams, Russo
PredatorSchwarzenegger, Weathers, Duke
PremonitionBullock, Nelligan, Stormare
Prestige, TheJackman, Bale, Caine, Bowie
Prince of PersiaGyllenhaal, Kingsley, Molina
Professional, TheReno, Oldman, Portman, Aiello
Program, TheCaan, Berry
PrometheusRapace, Pierce
Proposal, TheBullock, Reynolds
PsychoPerkins, Miles, Gavin, Leigh, Balsam
Public EnemiesDepp, Bale, Cotillard
Pulp FictionTravolta, Thurman, Willis, Jackson, Keitel
Pursuit Of Happyness, TheSmith
Puss in BootsBanderas, Thornton, Hayek, Galifianakis
Quantum of SolaceCraig, Dench, Kurylenko, Wright
Queen, TheMirren, Sheen, Cromwell, McCrory
Quick And The Dead, TheStone, Hackman, Crowe, DiCaprio
Radar Men From The MoonWallace
RadioGooding, Jr, Harris, Woodard, Winger
Raging BullDeNiro, Pesci, Moriarty
Raiders Of The Lost ArkFord, Allen, Freeman, Rhys-Davies, Elliott
Rainbow ValleyWayne
RainmanCruise, Hoffman
Rambo II Stallone, Crenna, Napier, Berkoff
Rambo IIIStallone, Crenna
Randy Rides AloneWayne
RayFoxx, Washington, Powell
Reader, TheWinslet, Fiennes, Olin
Rebel Without A CauseDean, Wood, Mineo, Backus, Doran, Allen
RedWillis, Freeman, Malkovich, Mirren, Dreyfuss
Red DawnSwayze, Sheen, Howell, Thompson, Johnson
Red DragonHopkins, Norton, Keitel, Fiennes
Red Riding HoodSeyfried, Oldman
Red TailsGooding, Howard
Reign Of FireMcConaughey, Bale
RepoMenLaw, Whitaker, Schreiber
Rescue DawnBale, Zahn
Reservoir DogsTarantino, Keitel, Torh, Penn, Madsen, Buscemi
RevengeCostner, Quinn
Riders of DestinyWayne
Riding The BulletJackson, Robertson, Hershey
Right Stuff, TheGlenn, Harris, Hendriksen, Quaid, Shepard, Ward
Righteous KillDeNiro, Pacino, Dennehy
Ring II, TheWatts, Baker, Dorfman, Spacek
Rio LoboWaune, O'Neal, Elam
Rise of the Planet of the ApesFranco, Pinto, Lithgow
Risky BusinessCruise, de Mornay
Road, TheMortensen, Duvall, Theron
Road To PerditionHanks, Newman, Law
Robin Hood Crowe, Blanchett, Hurt, Von Sydow
Robin Hood, Prince of ThievesCostner, Freeman, Slater, Rickman, Mastrantonio
RobotsWilliams, Berry, McGregor
RockyStallone, Shire, Weathers, Young, Meredith
Rocky BalboaStallone, Young, Tarver, Ventimiglia
Rocky IIStallone, Shire, Young, Weathers, Meredith
Rocky IIIStallone, Shire, Meredith, Mr. T, Weathers
Rocky IVStallone, Shire, Young, Nielsen, Lungren
Romancing The StoneDouglas, Turner, DeVito
Rose, TheMidler, Bates
Rosemary's BabyFarrow, Cassavetes, Gordon, Bellamy
Royal Tenenbaums, TheHackman, Glover, Huston, Stiller
Rumor Has ItAniston, Costner, MacLaine, Ruffalo
Runaway JuryCusack, Hackman, Hoffman
S.W.A.T.Jackson, Farrell, Cool J, Rodriguez
SaharaMcConaughey, Zahn, Cruz
SaltJolie, Schreiber, Braugher
Sagebrush Trail, TheWayne
Sand Pebbles, TheMcQueen, Attenborough, Crenna, Bergen
Santa Clause, TheAllen
Saving Private RyanHanks, Burns, Sizemore, Damon
Saving SilvermanBiggs, Black, Peet, Diamond
SawElwes, Glover, Potter
Saw IIWahlberg, Smith, Bell
Saw IIIBell, Smith
Saw IVBell, Patterson, Russell
Saw VBell, Patterson, Russell
Saw VIBell, Patterson, Russell
Saw, The Final ChapterBell, Mandylor, Russell, Elwes
Schindler's ListNeeson, Kingsley, Fiennes, Goodall
School Of RockBlack, Cusack
SeabiscuitMcGuire, Bridges, Cooper
Searchers, TheWayne, Hunter, Miles, Bond, Wood
Secret Life of Bees, TheLatifah, Fanning, Keys, Hudson, Okonedo
Secret WindowDepp, Turturro, Hutton, Bello, Dutton
SecretariatLane, Malkovich
Shakespeare In LovePaltrow, Fiennes, Rush, Firth, Affleck, Dench
ShaneLadd, Arthur, Heflin, Palance, Johnson, De Wilde
Shark WeekVarious
ShenandoahStewart, McClure, Corbett, Wayne, Ross, Forsyth
Sherlock HolmesDowney, Jr., Law, McAdams
Sherlock Holmes - A Game of ShadowsDowney, Jr., Law, McAdams, Rapace
She Wolf of London
Shining, The Nicholson, Duvall, Crothers, Lloyd
Shining, The (Stephen King's)DeMornay, Weber, Van Peebles, Gould
ShooterWahlberg, Glover, Mara, Pena, Beatty
Shootist, TheWayne, Stewart, Bacall, Howard
Shoulder ArmsChaplin
Shrek 3-DMyers, Murphy, Diaz, Banderas
Shrek IIMyers, Murphy, Diaz, Banderas
Shrek the ThirdMyers, Murphy, Diaz, Banderas
Shutter IslandDiCaprio, Ruffalo, Kingsley, Von Sydow
SidewaysGiamatti, Hayden-Church, Madsen
SignsGibson, Phoenix
Silence Of The Lambs, TheFoster, Hopkins, Glenn
Silver Chalice, TheNewman, Mayo, Angeli, Palance
SilveradoKline, Costner, Glenn, Dennehy, Glover, Cleese
Simpson Movie, TheCartoon
Sin CityWillis, Alba, Rourke, Duncan
Singin' In The RainKelly, O'Connor, Reynolds, Hagen, Charisse
Sky Captain And The World Of TomorrowLaw, Paltrow, Jolie
SkyfallCraig, Bardem, Fiennes, Finney, Densch
Sling BladeThornton, Yoakum, Walsh, Ritter, Duvall
Slumdog MillionaireUnknowns
Smokin' AcesAffleck, Bateman, Garcia, Liotta, Keys
Snakes On A PlaneJackson, Margulies
Snow White and the HuntsmanTheron, Stewart, Hemsworth
Snows Of Kilimanjaro, ThePeck, Hayward, Gardner
Social Network, TheEisenberg, Mara
SolarisClooney, Davies, McElhone
Some Like It HotMonroe, Curtis, Lemmon, Raft, O'Brien, Brown
Son of Dracula
Son of Frankenstein
Sound Of Music, TheAndrews, Plummer
SpartacusDouglas, Olivier, Simmons, Laughton, Ustinov
SpeedReeves, Bullock, Hopper, Daniels
SpidermanMcGuire, Dagoe, Dunst, Franco
Spiderman 2McGuire, Dunst, Molina, Franco
Spiderman 3McGuire, Dunst, Church
Spy Who Loved Me, TheMoore, Bach, Jurgens
Star Chamber, TheDouglas, Holbrook, Kotto, Gless
Star Trek (2009)Cho, Cross, Greenwood, Bana, Nimoy
Star Wars II - Attack Of The ClonesMcGregor, Portman, Christensen, Jackson
Star Wars III - Revenge Of The SithMcGregor, Portman, Christensen
Star Wars IV - A New HopeHamill, Ford, Fisher, Cushing, Guiness
Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes BackHamill, Ford, Fisher
Star Wars VI - Return Of The JediHamill, Ford, Fisher
StarmanBridges, Allen, Smith
Star Packer, TheWayne
Stepford WivesKidman, Broderick, Midler, Walken
Sting, TheRedford, Newman, Shaw
Straw DogsHoffman, George
Streetcar Named Desire, ABrando, Leigh, Hunter, Malden
Sudden ImpactEastwood, Locke
Sum Of All Fears, TheAffleck, Freeman
Sunny SideChaplin
Super 8Unknowns
Superman Reeve, Beatty, Kidder, Hackman, Ford, Schell
Superman ReturnsRouth, Bosworth, Spacey
Sweeney ToddDepp, Bonham Carter, Rickman
Sweet Home AlabamaWitherspoon, Lucas, Dempsey
SwimfanBradford, Hedaya
Swing VoteCostner, Grammer, Hopper, Lane, Lopez, Carroll
SyrianaClooney, Damon, Wright
Taking of Pelham 123, The (Original)Shaw, Matthau, Balsam, Elizondo
Taking of Pelham 123, TheTravolta, Washington
Talladega NightsFerrell, Duncan, Reilly
TapsHutton, Scott, Cruise, Penn
Tarzan, New Adventures OfBennett
Taxi DriverDeNiro, Foster, Brooks, Keitel, Shepherd
Tears Of The SunWillis, Skerritt, Bellucci
TedWahlberg, Kunis, MacFarlane
Terminal, TheHanks, Zeta-Jones
Terminator 2Schwarzenegger, Hamilton, Patrick
Terminator 3Schwarzenegger, Loken, Danes
Terminator, TheSchwarzenegger, Biehn, Hamilton, Winfield
Terminator SalvationBale, Worthington
Texas Chainsaw MassacreBiel
Texas TerrorWayne
Thelma And LouiseSarandon, Davis, Pitt, Keitel
There Will Be BloodDay-Lewis, Dano, O'Connor
Thing, TheRussell
Thing, TheWinstead, Unknowns
Things We Lost In The FireBerry, Del Toro, Duchovny
Thirteen DaysCostner, Greenwood, Culp
This Is ItJackson
Thunder RoadMitchum, Smith, Barry
ThunderballConnery, Auger, Celli
TigerlandFarrell, Davis
Till The Clouds Roll ByAllyson, Garland
Tillie's Punctured RomanceChaplin
Time Machine, The (2002)Pierce, Mumba, Irons
Time To Kill, ABullock, Jackson, McConaughey, Spacey
TimelineWalker, Connolly, O'Connor
Tin CupCostner, Russo, Marin, Johnson
TitanicDiCaprio, Winslet, Zane, Bates
To Catch A ThiefGrant, Kelly, Landis, Williams
To Hell and BackMurphy, Thompson, Drake, Kelly
To Kill A MockingbirdPeck, Badham, Peters, Duvall
Tom JonesFinney, York, Griffith
Tomorrow Never DiesBrosnan, Pryce, Hatcher, Baker, Dench
TootsieHoffman, Lange, Garr, Coleman, Durning
Tourist, TheJolie, Depp, Dalton, Betany
Tower HeistMurphy, Stiller, Alda, Broderick, Leoni, Pena
Town, TheAffleck, Hall, Hamm, Renner, Lively
Toy StoryHanks, Allen
Toy Story 2Hanks, Allen
Toy Story 3Hanks, Allen
Trail Beyond, TheWayne
Training DayWashington, Hawke, Glenn
Transformers IILaBeouf
Treasure Of The Sierra MadreBogart, Huston, Holt, Bennett
Trial of Billy Jack, TheLaughlin, Taylor, Wilson
TroyPitt, Bana, Bloom, Kruger
True GritWayne, Campbell, Darby
True GritBridges, Damon, Brolin, Steinfeld
TwilightStewart, Patinson, Burke, Facinelli
UnbreakableWillis, Jackson, Wright-Penn
UnforgivenEastwood, Hackman, Freeman, Harris
United 93Unknowns
UnstoppableWashington, Pine, Dawson
Untouchables, TheDeNiro, Costner, Martin Smith, Garcia, Connery
Up In The AirClooney
Usual Suspects, TheBaldwin, Byrne, Spacey, Palminteri
V For VendettaPortman, Weaving
ValkyrieCruise, Branagh, Wilkinson, Stamp
Van HelsingJackman, Beckinsdale
Vanilla SkyCruise, Cruz, Russell
Vantage PointQuaid, Weaver, Hurt, Whitaker, Fox
VertigoStewart, Novak, Bel Geddes
Vikings, TheDouglas, Curtis, Leigh, Borgnine
Village, ThePhoenix, Hurt, Weaver, Brody
W.Brolin, Banks, Burstyn, Cromwell, Dreyfuss
Walk The LinePhoenix, Witherspoon, Patrick
Walking TallBaker, Beery, Hartman
WALL-EBurtt, Willard, Weaver, Ratzenberger
WantedMcAvoy, Freeman, Jolie
War HorseUnknowns
War Of The Worlds (1953)Barry, Robinson
War Of The Worlds (2005)Cruise, Fanning, Robbins
WaterworldCostner, Hopper, Triplehorn
Way Of The GunPhillippe, DelToro, Caan
We Are MarshallMcConaughey, Fox, Strathairn, Marra
We Own the NightPhoenix, Wahlberg, Mendes, Duvall
We Were SoldiersGibson
Weatherman, TheCage, Caine, Davis
Werewolf of LondonChaney, Jr.
West of the DivideWayne
West Side StoryWood, Beymer, Chakiris, Moreno, Tamblyn
WestworldBrynner, Brolin, Benjamin
What We SawNews
When Harry Met SallyCrystal, Ryan, Fisher, Kirby
Where The Wild Things AreRuffalo, Whitaker
White NoiseKeaton, West, McNeice
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?Hoskins, Lloyd, Cassidy
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?Taylor, Burton, Segal, Dennis
Wicker ManCage
Wild Bunch, TheHolden, Borgnine, Ryan, O'Brien, Oates, Johnson
Wild HogsAllen, Travolta, Lawrence, Macy, Tomei, Liotta
Wild One, TheBrando, Marvin, Murphy, Keith
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate FactoryWilder, Albertson, Ostrum
Winds of the WastelandWayne
WindtalkersCage, Beach, Stormare
WingsBow, Cooper, Rogers, Arlen
WitnessFord, McGinnis
Wizard Of Oz, TheGarland, Bolger, Haley, Lahr, Arlen, Baum
Wolf CreekJarrett, Phillips, Magrath
Wolfman, TheRains, Lugosi, Chaney, Bellamy, Knowles
Wolfman, TheDel Toro, Hopkins
Wolverine - X-Men OriginsJasckman, Schreiber
World Is Not Enough, TheBrosnan, Marceau, Carlyle, Coltrane, Dench
World Trade CenterCage, Pena, Bello, Gyllenhaal
World War ZPitt, Enos, Dale
Wrestler, TheRourke, Tomei
Wuthering HeightsOberon, Olivier, Niven
Wyatt EarpCostner, Quaid, Hackman, Harmon, Pullman
X Files, TheDuchovny, Anderson, Landau, Danner
X-Men III - The Last StandHackman, Berry, Stewart
X-Men UnitedHackman, Berry, Stewart
XXXDiesel, Argento, Csokas
Yankee Doodle DandyCagney, Leslie, Huston
Year OneBlack, Cera
You Can't Take It With YouArthur, Barrymore, Stewart, Arnold, Miller
You Only Live TwiceConnery
You've Got MailHanks. Ryan, Posey, Stapleton, Kinnear
Zero Dark ThirtyChastain, Clarke, Edgerton
ZodiacRuffalo, Gyllenhaal, Downey, Jr., Edwards
Zorro's Black WhipSterling
Zorro's Fighting LegionHadley

CommodoreRob Downs(716) 417-4683Text
Vice CommodoreJohn Caputo
(716) 830-6111Text
Rear CommodoreTodd Wilson(716) 465- 3454Text
Fleet CaptainRaymond Folmar(716) 696-0718Text
TreasurerKenneth Argona(716) 553-0080
SecretaryMike Shepard(716) 283-5237None
Social DirectorKari Ann Bullman

Chef & Banquet ManagerDan Gormady(716) 283-3080None
Chairperson First MatesDawn Downs(716)
AccountantTom Loncto(716) 283-3080None
Griffon Log EditorKari Ann Bullman(716)

Shout Out EditorJohn Graves(716) 754-8797Text
WebmasterJohn Graves(716) 754-8797Text
Past Commodore 2016Mike Dallessandro(716) 535-7936Text
Past Commodore 2015Marty Houck(716) 982-1801Text
Past Commodore 2014Tim Phillips(716) 628-9936Text
Past Commodore 2013Rob Downs
(716) 417-4683
CommodoreRob Downs(716) 417-4683Text
Vice CommodoreJohn Caputo
(716) 830-6111Text
Rear CommodoreTodd Wilson(716) 465- 3454Text
Fleet CaptainRaymond Folmar(716) 696-0718Text
TreasurerKenneth Argona(716) 553-0080
SecretaryMike Shepard(716) 283-5237None
Social DirectorKari Ann Bullman

Chef & Banquet ManagerDan Gormady(716) 283-3080None
Chairperson First MatesDawn Downs(716)
AccountantTom Loncto(716) 283-3080None
Griffon Log EditorKari Ann Bullman(716)

Shout Out EditorJohn Graves(716) 754-8797Text
WebmasterJohn Graves(716) 754-8797Text
Past Commodore 2016Mike Dallessandro(716) 535-7936Text
Past Commodore 2015Marty Houck(716) 982-1801Text

The Vice Commodore's flag is a fouled anchor, encircled by 13 stars in white on a red field.

Past Commodore 2014Tim Phillips(716) 628-9936Text

The Commodore's the flag is a fouled anchor, encircled by 13 stars in white on a blue field.

Past Commodore 2013Rob Downs
(716) 417-4683


ClubLastFirst LastEmailCellClickable EmailClickable Text
LYCGravesJohn Graves (son)jgraves0000@gmail.com401-754-8797jgraves0000@gmail.comText
LYCGravesJohn Graves AOLjgravesnbs@aol.com716-754-8797jgraves0000@gmail.comText
LYCGravesJohn Graves Gmailjgravesnbs@gmail.com301-754-8797jgraves0000@gmail.comText
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LYCGravesJohn Graves fbjohn.graves@facebook.com616-754-8797jgraves0000@gmail.comText
1/11/2014Sat - Installation Dinner [MM] w/Entertainment Comm. Rob Downs
2/2/2014Sun - Super Bowl Party [MMG]
2/14/2014Fri - Tony and Tina’s Wedding 6:30PM $40ea P/C Steve Tisack at 716-998-7938 [MMG]
2/17/2014Mon - Annual Member's Finance Meeting [M] arrive at club 7:15pm for 7:30pm meeting start
2/17/2014Mon - Board Meeting [M] follows the Annual Meeting all members invited
2/22/2014Sat - Second Annual Pasta Sauce Off 3-7 pm Kim Nemeth at 716-481-3746 or [MMG]
Monthly Meetings
2nd Monday each month Finance Committee Meeting 7pm
Wednesday before the board meeting House Committee Meeting 7pm
3rd Monday of each month Board Meeting 7:30pm all members invited
3rd Monday of each month First Mates Meeting 7:30pm all first mates invited
[M]=Members Only
[MM]=Members & Mates Only
[MMG]=Members Mates and Guests
Past CommodoresYear
* deceased
Mike Dallessandro2016
Marty Houck 2015
Tim Phillips2014
Rob Downs2013
James Swanson2012
Joseph Ventura2011
Steve Tisack2010
Dan Reynolds2009
Dr. David Hojnacki2008
Gary Sykes2007
Anthony Rodgers2006
Keith Kinney2005
Michael Heller2004
James S. Cornelius2003
Grant W. Babcock2002
Charles C. Frantz2001
Richard C. Trimmer2000
Donald L. Creasey*1999
Herbert E. Rassman1998
Joseph V. Cioppa*1997
William E. Warren1996
Jeffrey J. Joseph*1995
Victor P. Scozzaro1994
Robert J. Fiolek1993
Edward A. Rowe*1992
Richard H. Ausderau1991
Robert B. Miskines1990
William D. Franke*1989
Thomas P. O'Hara*1988
J. Preston Sebring*1987
Charles P. Herdic*1986
Robert J. Hackett*1985
Richard M. Brown1984
Frank G. McCombs1983
Basil C. Stahlman, Jr.1982
Rocco G. Orsini*1981
Edward W. Konecki1980
Jack S. Cobler*1979
G. William McGrath*1978
Roy W. Cotton*1977
Robert W. Ward*1976
Charles W. Grose*1975
Harold J. Greenwald1974
William G. Steel*1973
Sheldon C. Holland*1972
Lloyd C. Williams*1971
Wilfred S. Martan*1970
N. J. MacDonald*1969
Waring A. Shaw*1968
Alan D. Smith*1967
Robert J. Davidson1966
Thomas F. Shields*1965
E. Harvey Sprague*1964
Richard H. Shaffner*1963
Mark J. Tillotson*1962
Paul W. F. J. Moran*1961
M. L. Parker*1960
Anthony Betz*1959
E. C. Oswald*1957
I. H. Sager*1958
I. C. Jugle*1956
W. C. Westerman*1955
A. G. Hamilton*1954
C. G. White*1953
A. P. Keller*1952
A. L. Holcombe*1951
E. T. Brown*1949-50
W. A. Brown*1948
R. E. Wallace*1945-46-47
R. B. Elliott*1944
P. F. Stratiff*1941-42-43
Edwin J Wendt*1940
Robert T Ackinson*1938-39
Alfred J Snyder*1936-37

LYC 2014 Marina Slip Assignments

LYCAs of 5/9/15 Pending Applications 
John Caputo, Fleet Captain 716-830-6111
Slip #Name AssignmentSlip Size
Slip #*Main Dock – East Side*Slip Size
7Stewart Reed23FT
8Babcock Erin23FT
9Barnes Ben & Jennifer23FT
10Avery Craig23FT
11Hiscock E Paul30FT
12Kok Jr. David30FT
13Hood Michael30FT
14Welsh Kent 3432FT
15McDonald Mark & Debbie Mancini
16Gonzales Kevin & Wendy40FT
17Rodgers Tom & Kristen40FT
18Tisack Steve & Marie40FT
19Houck Marty & Ann40FT
20Richardson Tom40FT
21Merletti Paul & Laurie40FT
22Nelson Eric40FT
Slip #*Main Dock – West Side—*Slip Size
23Florio Dominic & Tammy Calhoun50FT
24Buell Douglas40FT
25Dallessandro Mike & Karen40FT
26Rufrano Pat & Graves John 716-754-879730FT
Slip #*Side Dock – South Side—*Slip Size
27Rhodes Ronald & Janet
28Mang John & Amy Woodruff25FT
29Mort Guy
30Sweitzer Richard & Tanya26FT
31Stone Charlie & Mary Morris27FT
32Leibeck Jeff & Sharon27FT
33Downs Rob & Dawn30FT
34Bullman Kari
35Grenga Paul50FT
36Folmar Raymond & Jodi Ligammari-Cohn50FT
Slip #*Side Dock – West Side*Slip Size
37Grossman Mark40FT
38Turner Donald40FT
39Bird Paul & Deborah West40FT
40JET SKIS - See Below JS1 - JS60FT
Slip #*Side Dock – North Side*Slip Size
41Saverino Kristy & Sid40FT
42Caputo John40FT
43Morrison Dave & Camille40FT
44Reynolds Dan & Mary40FT
45Ricigliano David & Carrie40FT
46Rodgers Tony & Jeannie40FT
Slip #Main Dock – West Side —Slip Size
47Franjone Angelo & Lori40FT
48Gauvreau Charles40FT
49Babcock Grant & Susan40FT
50Wilson Todd & Joliga40FT
51Milissa Richardson40FT
52Bale Daniel & Linda Sue
53Wright Rosario & Robert40FT
54Touchette Robert & JoAnne40FT
Slip #*Land Dock – South Side*Slip Size
56McDonald Mike & Rosalie26FT
57Squires Ozzie29FT
58Bowman Adam
59Nicoletti Lori & Bill Dudek32FT
60Wakefield Les & Amy29FT
61Petrishin John & Renee
62Kinney Keith & Ingrid40FT
63Rowles Carey & Shelly Ruopp40FT
64Boland Donnie40FT
65Oconnell Tim & Kathleen48FT
66Trimmer Richard48FT
JS*Jet Skis*
JS1Dallessandro Mike & Karen
JS2Tisack Steve & Marie
JS3Wilson Todd & Joliga
JS4Merletti Paul & Laurie
JS5Houck Marty & Ann
JS6McDonald Mark & Rosalie