How to Create a Custom WordPress Website – BEGINNERS 1:36:22 wpSculptor


How to Create a Custom WordPress Website – BEGINNERS 1:36:22 wpSculptor

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to create a custom website with WordPress from START TO FINISH, without skipping ANY steps. This video is made for beginners to be able to easily follow along with each step!

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Topics covered in this video include:

– Setting up website hosting and a domain name with HostGator
– Installing WordPress
– Switching to a different WordPress theme
– Customizing your website with free textured backgrounds
– Creating pages and using the visual editor
– Finding free, high quality stock photos
– Using a free online photo editor called Pixlr to make custom header images and to re-size images
– Installing a photo gallery and contact form plugin
– Adding and taking away widgets to and from the sidebar
– Setting up a front page layout
– Finding and using free icons
– Basic WordPress settings and more!

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How to Create a Custom WordPress Website – BEGINNERS

3:15  purchase domain & hosting
12:00 login to backend/dashboard
chg pw
chg permalinks
14:00 activate 2012 theme
26:30 chg background to textured
subtle patterns
dark pattern page 18
Called Black Paper

Dashboard, Appearance, Background

31:30 Header Image
burnt-out dock
Save as header_original.jpg

36:03 free photo editor pixlr

960×250 pixels
Crop tool, constraint to output size 960×250
Add text, click on Text Too, click anywhere on image and type urbane decay, select color white, select font & size

File, Save as header_final.jpg 70%
File, Save as header_

final.pxd (layered image)

68:30 Install Plugin nextgen gallery
Pixlr images to 900×675
add gallery
options gallery, uncheck slide show

1:06:30 Contact form 7

1:08:50 embed a youtube video
Create video page, add to menu, go to youtube, find video to embed, scroll sown, click Share, click embed, select code and paste into video page as text

1:12:00 Rearrange Menus

1:14:00 Rearrange Sidebar, Appearance, Widgets, Move widgets off Main Sidebar

1:16;56 Add widgets to Sidebar, Custom Menu & Search Widget

1:17:35 install visual editor black studio TinyMCE widget

1:28:61 icon finder find icon in question and save it as .png