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LIFE SAVING – To aid official marine agencies and offer assistance and protection of the lives of all those boating on the Upper Niagara River.

WATERWAYS – To constantly press City, State and Federal Government to provide waterways, properly operate and maintain and improve all navigable waterways in the Upper Niagara River.

EDUCATION – To educate the public in general to appreciate the sport and pleasure derived from boating in this vicinity and to encourage the study and practice of safe seamanship, piloting and navigation.

BOATING – To develop and foster boating and sailing on the Upper Niagara River.

FRIENDSHIP / SOCIAL – To promote friendship and social activities among the Members of this and other clubs for the entertainment and enjoyment of all.

Lasalle Yacht Club Officers for 2013
Commodore Rob Downs
Vice Commodore Tim Phillips

House Committee Members – 2013
Commodore Rob Downs
P/C Jim Swanson
P/C Tony Rogers
John Petrishin
Tom Richardson
R/C Marty Houck

Social Committee – 2013
Michele Moore

Shout Out Email Editor – 2013
John Graves JGravesNBS@aol.comRear Commodore Marty Houck

Grounds Committee Members – 2013
Mike Richardson
Steve Tisack
Michael Gillis

Fleet Captain Mike Dallessandro
Treasurer Ken Argona
Social Director Michele Moore
Secretary Mike Shepard
Fleet Chaplain Rev. Calvin Babcock

Lasalle Yacht Club Board of Directors for 2013
Don Boland
Sal Moreno
Paul Merletti
John Petrishin
P/C Tony Rodgers
Gene Swanson

General Information

Welcome LaSalle Yacht Club is situated on the most beautiful section of the Upper Niagara River. The Club is located in the City of Niagara Falls, NY, directly across from Buckhorn State Park and just upstream of the North Grand Island Bridges. Begin exploring our beautiful club by selecting a link above.

LaSalle Yacht Club was initially organized in 1936 by a small group of residents in the LaSalle area of Niagara Falls, who felt there was a need for a boating and social organization in the city. Nearly 50 Members became Charter Members and later that year the Club was incorporated.

The first Clubhouse was located at the upper end of Cayuga Island, a little distance upstream and across the Little Niagara River from where the Explorer LaSalle built the “Griffon”, the first sailing vessel on the upper Great Lakes. Appropriately, an outline of the “Griffon” was selected as the Club’s emblem on its burgee.

Due to the rapid increase in its membership, the Clubhouse and waterfront facilities became inadequate within a few years. After reviewing the problems involved in expanding its facilities at that location, it was decided to attempt to relocate on the larger Niagara River.

The present Club property was purchased 10 years later (1946). This involved an expenditure of some $50,000 – an immense sum for such a young organization. Initially, the original Clubhouse building, which had been the residence of a former Niagara Falls city mayor, was expanded to provide for a dining room and kitchen, in addition to the bar and other necessary facilities.

Several other improvements to the Clubhouse were made during the next few years. In addition, a new seawall, the first dock and its subsequent extension and additional boat slips were also built during that period.

In the middle 50’s, it became apparent that the Clubhouse and waterfront were inadequate for the continuing increase in its membership and the number of boats. Consequently, a major expansion and remodeling of those facilities was undertaken in 1959, at a cost of more than S100, 000. This program included expanding the Clubhouse floor area by nearly 100 percent (kitchen, dining room, Chart Room lounge) providing for more meeting rooms) and building a new sail loft.

Further extension of the dock and additional boat slips was made in l96l – the Silver Anniversary year of LaSalle Yacht Club. Since that time, numerous improvements have been made to the interior and exterior of the Clubhouse and the waterfront facilities.